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Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy


The Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy is a recognized leader in developing and providing top-rated medical ethics education for undergraduate students, medical students, and residents, as well as continuing medical education. Notable educational programs include:

Undergraduate Medical Education

The center provides medical ethics education for all medical and allied health students at Baylor College of Medicine. 

The Ethics Track: The Track was founded in 1993 for medical students seeking to develop greater knowledge and expertise in medical ethics, read more about this program.

Graduate Medical Education

The center provides medical ethics, professionalism, and health policy education for all Baylor residents. 

The Ethics, Professionalism and Policy Program (EP3): This program creates an outstanding educational opportunity in ethics, professionalism, and health policy for every resident college-wide. The goal of this new educational initiative is to create a single, documentable, high quality approach to residency education and assessment, read more about this program.

Continuing Medical Education

The center strives to keep healthcare practitioners up to date of the evolving ethical issues in today's complex healthcare system.

Intensive Bioethics Course: The center is proud to partner with Houston Methodist to offer a 5-day advanced bioethics course is specifically designed for all types of healthcare professionals who are involved with or interested in the resolution of potentially complex ethical challenges. Read more about the course and how to sign up.

Grand Rounds: Grand Rounds is one of several means the center uses to address and keep physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and related professionals abreast of ever changing topics within the field. See the list of upcoming Grand Rounds.

Enduring Educational Materials

Center faculty are renowned and nationally recognized for innovative medical ethics research, education, and consultation work. As a result, faculty are developing high quality, enduring education materials to promote knowledge, skills, and competencies for the wider community. 

The Ethics Work-Up: The Ethics Work-Up was developed by center faculty. It is a structured tool that is intended to stimulate moral and self-reflection and to provide intellectual structure and practical guidance to the responsible management of ethical challenges in clinical care. The Ethics Work-Up is presented to incoming students and used by Baylor College of Medicine faculty to guide ethics education at all levels.

For more information on other enduring education materials, please contact us.

Other Educational Opportunities

The Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy hosts monthly journal clubs, clinical case conferences, and other events, to which all of our Ethics Track students and the TMC community are warmly invited. For more information or to be added to our distribution list for these activities please contact us.