Five-Volume Set Captures 74 Years of Growth, Change

Former Chancellor Emeritus William T. Butler, M.D., compiled a history of Baylor College of Medicine - Arming for Battle Against Disease - covering the 74-year period following the move from Dallas to Houston in 1943. Presented as a five-volume set, each book contains more than 300 pages of detailed text and historic photographs. Considered Baylor's historian, Dr. Butler died Sept. 22, 2017.

Volume 1: Rebirth in Houston covers: the move to Houston; the development of a modern medical and graduate curriculum under Dean Stanley Olson; and the rise of research including the cardiovascular breakthroughs of the 1950s and 1960s.

Volume 2: Independence describes: the administrative turmoil of the 1960s that led to the election of Michael E. DeBakey as president; the separation from Baylor University; the partnership with the State of Texas; and the challenges and advances under DeBakey’s presidency.

Volume 3: Coming of Age includes: efforts to organize clinical practice and strengthen hospital affiliations; the presidential transition from DeBakey to Butler; institutional planning declaring the primacy of research; and major expansion of the core campus beginning in the 1980s.

Volume 4: Advancing the Visions describes: the financially tumultuous 1980s; Investing in genetics and the human genome; development of high school-through-medical school programs; troubled joint planning with the Methodist Hospital; and milestone events from 1996 until 2010.

Volume 5: Maturity as health sciences university describes: the split from Methodist Hospital; developing the Baylor Clinic; Butler's Interim presidency; stabilizing finances; the arrival of Dr. Paul Klotman as president; centralizing the administration; and full development of the McNair Campus. 

Each volume, including postage, costs $35 and may be ordered from the College.