FY2020 Purchase Order Changes

  • New purchase orders must be created for FY2020. Purchase orders should not cross fiscal years. 
  • All old, open purchase orders will be closed, starting with leases and their associated services. Next, purchases orders for ongoing services such as repair technicians or temporary labor will be closed as they are identified.
  • Please note, subcontracts will be excluded from this process, as they must roll from year to year over the life of the award. They will be encumbered for the entire grant period.
  • All purchase orders must encumber the full twelve month cost estimate of your purchase. (For example, if you have historically spent around $500 each month, your PO total should be for $6,000.)
  • In order to avoid a blocked invoice payment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do a Goods Receipt on your purchase orders as required.
  • Departments are no longer allowed to change or add to purchase orders. If your purchase order requires updating, please email the buyer who created your purchase order or purchasing@bcm.edu.
  • Going forward, our vendors will be instructed to not accept orders via telephone unless they are in receipt of a newly issued purchase order via email attachment or electronic transmission via the PunchOut catalogs.

Vendor Update

The College has partnered with VWR International and SUMMUS industries to be its preferred supplier of lab supplies and scientific products. VWR is a distributor of lab supplies and scientific products from the brands we are familiar with, such as GE, Corning, BD Falcon, Pyrex, Nalge Nunc, and Dupont.

Supply Chain Management has been actively seeking opportunities for vendor consolidation by negotiating sustainable contracts and establishing partnerships with suppliers who align with the College missions.  This allows standardization of our current operations and increases efficiency for you as the end users.

Ordering through VWR offers the College many advantages, such as overall savings to the College and pricing control.  Also, no contract routing is required for VWR quotes – which means faster order turnaround!

If you find items at a lower price with other vendors than VWR, contact Supply Chain to carry out your purchase so we can work with our preferred vendors to attempt to meet or beat the competition’s price.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition. As always, Supply Chain Management is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Email us at purchasing@bcm.edu email or call our help desk at (713) 798-4812 for assistance.

- Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Activities

Baylor College of Medicine's Supply Chain Department is engaged in the following activities: 

  • Supporting Baylor College of Medicine’s mission, vision, and values
  • Sourcing value added products and services for the College
  • Reviewing contract language, negotiating terms, and facilitating contract dispute resolution between Baylor and its suppliers
  • Aligning Baylor's financial goals with best business practices to achieve cost savings
  • Managing supplier relationships
  • Maintaining a robust purchasing system for ordering, receiving, and invoicing
  • Managing system-wide procurement and corporate card activities

Information for Suppliers and Shoppers

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