NEW: Quote Requirements

In an effort to expedite the shopping process, quotes will only be required for purchases over $1,000. However, we still highly encourage the use of quotes in all purchases, as use of these best practices will lessen the potential for price discrepancies and minimize blockage in invoice payment.

As a reminder, there are one-page Quick Reference Guides and an FAQ document on various processes and topics available on our website. These can answer many questions you may have for Supply Chain. They are located on the Shopper Help page.

Supply Chain Activities

Baylor College of Medicine's Supply Chain Department is engaged in the following activities: 

  • Supporting Baylor College of Medicine’s mission, vision, and values
  • Sourcing value added products and services for the College
  • Reviewing contract language, negotiating terms, and facilitating contract dispute resolution between Baylor and its suppliers
  • Aligning Baylor's financial goals with best business practices to achieve cost savings
  • Managing supplier relationships
  • Maintaining a robust purchasing system for ordering, receiving, and invoicing
  • Managing system-wide procurement and corporate card activities

Information for Suppliers and Shoppers

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Shopper Help

See information about college purchasing policies and procedures, listings of approved vendors, and information on how to make purchases. 

Meet Our Staff

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For Suppliers

See information for potential and current suppliers.