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Members A-G


Anderson, Matthew - Novel strategies for treatment and prevention of uterine and ovarian cancers

Barth, Patrick - Uncovering and designing membrane protein structure and function

Beeton, Christine - Potassium channel modulators for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Bellen, Hugo - Analysis of metabolite-mediated synaptic transmission

Bhatnagar, Parijat - Microfluidics for improved viability and targetability of genetically modified T cells

Bissig, Karl-Dimiter - Humanized mice for human drug metabolism

Cao, Wei - Study of neuroinflammation related to degenerative diseases, esp. Alzheimer’s disease

Catic, Andre - Studying regulators of transcript and transcription factor turnover in stem and cancer cells

Chan, Keith - Identification of drug targets for urothelial cancer stem cells

Chan, Pui-Kwong - Screening anti-tumor effects of Saponin from Chinese medicines

Chang, Eric - Targeting palmitoyl transferase to selectively block Ras localization to the plasma membrane

Chen, Changyi Johnny - Cardiovascular risk factors and endothelial dysfunction; Roles and mechanisms of Jade-2, XIST and miR-196 in pancreatic cancer

Chen, Rui - Novel disease gene identification and targeted therapy of inherited human retinal diseases

Cheng, Xiaodong - Exchange Protein directly Activated by cAMP (EPAC)

Cho, Jae-Hyun - Structural and biophysical mechanisms underlying interdomain dynamics responsible for fine-tuning of signaling adaptor protein Crl-II

Conneely, Orla - Discovery of small molecule modulators of orphan nuclear receptors

Cooney, Austin - Identification of agonists and antagonists for orphan nuclear receptors

Cooper, Thomas - Small molecules that neutralize the toxic effects of expanded repeat RNA expressed from mutant myotonic dystrophy alleles

Cruz, Miguel - A2 protein: Novel treatments for systemic inflammation

Das, Gokul - Targeting GSK-3 pathway and inhibition of viral pathogenesis

Decker, William K. - Pharmacologic agonism of the Th-1 immune response

DeMayo, Francesco - Drug discovery for treatment of diseases of the uterus and lung cancer

Deng, Lisheng - Development of epigenetic small-molecular modulators against tumor and viruses

Dennis, James - Dose and time response curves of media supplements on the expression of type II collagen in articular chondrocytes

DiCamillo, Greg - Spectrophotometric analysis of oxidative stress urine assays

Donehower, Lawrence - Development of small molecule inhibitors for oncogenic phosphatases

Elsea, Sarah - Probing small molecule libraries for RAI1 induced gene

Estes, Mary - Development of inhibitors of enteric viruses

Ferreon, Allan - Protein Misfolding and Aggregation at Single-Molecule Resolution

Ferreon, Josephine - Allostery in Intrinsically Disordered Hub Proteins

Foulds, Charles - Identification of small molecule inhibitors of human NCOA6 activity

Fu, Loning - Synthetic agonists in controlling circadian homeostasis of metabolism and cell proliferation in vivo

Fuqua, Suzanne - Therapeutic targeting of the Rho signaling pathway in hormone-resistant breast cancer

Garcia, Jose Manuel - Growth hormone secretagogues in the treatment of cancer cachexia

Garcia, Thomas - Small molecules for male contraception


Members H-L


Han, Sang Jun - The ERβ/SRC-1 isoform complex drives endometriosis progression

Hartgerink, Jeffrey - Binding of Integrin to different registers of the heterotrimeric mimics of type I collagen.

Hawkins, Shannon - Discovery of drugs that affect endometriotic cell function

He, Bin - Targeting a germ cell-specific protein for male contraception and prostate cancer treatment

Horrigan, Frank - Tissue-specific modulators of BK potassium channels

Huang, Hongbing - DNA-encoded chemical library technology and medicinal chemistry optimization

Hurwitz, Richard - Small molecule control of viral gene therapy and infection

Hyser, Joseph - Pathophysiology of intestinal fluid secretion during diarrhea

Jankowsky, Joanna - Proline mutants for amyloid inhibition

Jiralerspong, Sao - Targeting breast cancer cell metabolism for development of new therapies

Kheradmand, Farrah - Small molecule inhibitor of SPP1 in cigarette smoke-induced emphysema

Kim, Choel - Targeting cGMP-dependent protein kinase for developing hypertension drugs

Kirienko, Natasha - Small molecule therapies to perturb host-pathogen interactions and promote cellular health

Kosten, Thomas - Novel noradrenergic blockers and copper chelators for cocaine and methamphetamine dependence

Kurie, Jonathan - Role of FKBP10 as a regulator of Lysyl hydroxylase 2 biochemical activity

Lacorazza, Daniel - Identification of activators of the tumor suppressor KLF4 in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Lee, Sukyeong - Developing chemical probes to interrogate Hsp90 molecular chaperone function for structure-based drug design

Lerner, Seth - Small molecule treatments for transitional cell carcinoma, non-muscle invasive tumors and urothelial carcinomas of the bladder

Levitt, Jonathan - Small molecule treatments for transitional cell carcinoma, non-muscle invasive tumors and urothelial carcinomas of the bladder

Lewis, Michael - Overcoming treatment resistance in breast cancer and small molecule inhibitors of Stat

Li, Feng - Application of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in drug development

Lichtarge, Olivier - Computational tools for gene function predictions and molecular network analyses to identify potential drug screening targets and assays.

Lin, Weei-Chin - Averting the oncogenic functions of mutant p53

Ling, Paul - Evasion of intrinsic antiviral host cell responses by herpesviruses

Lu, Hui-Chen - Novel therapeutics for neuronal maintenance

Lonard, David - Developing novel coactivator small molecule inhibitors as drugs to treat cancers and metabolic conditions and as contraceptive agents

Lydon, John - Small molecule therapeutics and biomarkers of endometrial disorders


Members M-P


MacKenzie, Kevin - Ligand binding and structure-activity relationship by NMR

Maletic-Savatic, Mirjana - Ligand binding of TLX

Man, Tsz-Kwong "Chris"- Application of computational and OMICS approaches to improve both the diagnosis and prognosis of pediatric cancer patients

Mancini, Michael - High throughput microscopy-based screening of nuclear receptor functions

Mansouri, David - Small-molecule antimicrobics including those with novel mechanism of action

Marcelli, Marco - Search for small molecules inhibiting the activation of the outlaw androgen receptor (AR) variant AR-V7 in castration-resistant prostate cancer

Marchetti, Dario - Small molecule screening for HER2/EGFR/Hippo pathways in circulating tumor cells

Matzuk, Martin - Small molecules for TGFbeta signaling, cancer, and male contraception

Mims, Martha - Tail-treatment of B-CLL with autologous IL2 and CD40 ligand-expressing tumor cells + lenalidomide

Mitsiades, Nicholas - Developing novel therapeutics for endocrine cancers

Mohan, Chandra - Using zebrafish to identify modifiers of chronic disease

Moore, David - Novel ligands for nuclear receptors CAR and LRH-1

Moretti, Paolo - Screen for drugs modifying the effects of axon injury in human cortical neurons

Neilson, Joel R. - Post-transcriptional gene regulation in mammalian development and disease by microRNAs and RNA-binding proteins

Noebels, Jeffrey - Small molecule inhibitors of a brain-specific membrane transporter

Nuchtern, Jed - Target discovery for chemotherapy-resistant pediatric cancer

O'Malley, Bert - Development of small molecule inhibitors for a novel class of proteins: the nuclear receptor coactivators

Osborne, Kent - Inhibitors of AP1 which contribute to endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer models

Palzkill, Timothy - Development of small molecule inhibitors of antibiotic resistance enzymes

Pan, Jenny Szu-Chin - Kidney Protection by Mitochondrial Sensors, AMPK and Sirtuin 3

Pangas, Stephanie - Small molecular inhibitors of primary peritoneal and ovarian cancers

Pati, Debananda - Small molecular inhibitors of separase

Pereira, Frederick - Screens for small molecule regulators of circadian rhythms, and for antioxidants against ROS

Peters, Christopher - In vitro small molecule screening for the identification of autophagy modulators

Pfaffinger, Paul - Redesigning potassium channels for improved drug discovery

Phillips, Kevin - Small molecule modulation of the mammalian deiodinases

Phung, Thuy - Investigation of Akt isoform-specific inhibitors

Pollet, Jeroen - Screening protein-excipient interactions to optimize the stability of recombinant vaccine candidates against neglected tropical diseases

Prasad, B.V. Venkatar - Small molecule antivirals for gastroenteric viral pathogens


Members R-Z


Redell, Michele - Novel Stat3 inhibitors for improving outcomes in acute myeloid leukemia; Novel histone methyltransferase inhibitors for improving outcomes in MLL-rearranged acute leukemias

Richards, Joanne - Small molecules that regulate nuclear receptors in ovarian follicle development and epithelial ovarian cancer

Rosen, Jeffrey - HTS assays to identify small molecules that target EMT/TIC pathways in chemoresistant cancers

Santini, Conrad - Design and synthesis of biologically active small molecules toward discovering therapeutic lead compounds

Savidge, Tor - Small molecule targeting of the Clostridium difficile toxins

Schaaf, Christian - The molecular consequences of CHRNA7 copy number changes

Schiff, Rachel - Inhibitors of AP1 which contribute to endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer models

Sheikh-Hamad, David - Small molecule manipulation of mitochondrial pathways for kidney protection

Sifers, Richard - Small drug-mediated interrogation of mammalian proteostasis networks

Smith, Carolyn - Selective Inhibitors of corepressors for the nuclear receptor superfamily

Song, Yongcheng - Rational design and development of novel small molecule inhibitors of biologically important proteins targeting cancer and infectious diseases

St-Pierre, François - High-throughput screening of genetically encoded sensors of cellular activity

Statsyuk, Alexander - Pharmacological inhibitors of NEDD4 ubiquitin ligase as anticancer therapeutics

Sun, Yuxiang - Ghrelin receptor antagonists in brown fat thermogenesis, adiposity and insulin resistance; Ghrelin and des-acyl ghrelin in muscle atrophy

Tsai, Francis - Exploiting protein structure and function to develop new anti-cancer drugs

Tsai, Ming-Jer - Screening of small molecular compounds for inhibition of COUP-TFII activity

Tuvim, Michael - Synaptotagmin 2 is a novel target for the treatment of mucus hypersecretion in the airway

Tweardy, David - Virtual ligand screening, high throughput fluorescent microscopy screening, and SAR-assisted medicinal chemistry to target STAT proteins

Venken, Koen - Multicolor poly-luciferase assays for quick affordable multiplex analysis of cellular signaling pathways in health and disease

Wang, Jin - Nanotechnology for drug, gene and RNAi delivery

Wang, Jin - Regulation of immune responses by autophagy

Wang, Meng - Lysosomal signaling molecules in regulation of lipid metabolism and longevity

Wang, Xiaosong - Targeting recurrent gene fusion ESR1-CCDC170 in aggressive ER+ breast cancers

Wang, Yugang - Tumor glycolytic enzymes and co-factor interactions

Wehrens, Xander - Drugs that modify ryanodine receptors for the treatment of heart disease

Weigel, Nancy - Screens for small molecules that interrupt the interface between androgen receptor and p160 coactivators

Wensel, Theodore - Novel therapeutics for retinal neurodegeneration and protein misfolding diseases

Westbrook, Thomas - Multidisciplinary program in genetics and drug discovery to exploit new breast cancer vulnerabilities

Xu, Jianming - Modulators of transcriptional coregulators for inhibition of cancer cell growth

Yang, Feng - MAPK4 as a novel therapeutic target for human cancers

Yang, Jianchang - Role of Sall4 on leukemic hematopoietic and other cancer stem cell regulation

Yang, Jianhua - Targeting oncogenic kinases in neuroblastoma

Yao, Qizhi Cathy - HIV mucosal vaccine development; Pancreatic cancer pathogenesis and immunotherapy

Yen, Laising - Developing riboswitch-based gene regulation systems that can be turned on or off by FDA-approved small molecules

Yi, Joanna - Identifying and translating novel, targeted small molecules to pediatric malignancies

Yi, Ping - The role of TRAF4 in metastatic prostate cancer development

Young, Damian - Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) and macrocyclic scaffolds for drug discovery high-throughput screening (HTS)

Yu, Zhifeng - Small molecules for male contraception and ovarian cancer

Yustein, Jason - Discovery of small molecule modulators of orphan nuclear receptors

Zage, Peter - Novel therapies for children with neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, and other childhood solid tumors

Zechiedrich, Lynn - Combating multidrug-resistant bacteria; gene therapy approaches for human diseases

Zheng, Hui - Small molecule modulation of cellular clearance as Alzheimer disease therapy

Zheng, Lei - Ca2+ binding assay of Ca2+ transporter protein

Zhou, Ming - Modulation of membrane transport proteins by small-molecule compounds

Zoghbi, Huda - Identification of protein-protein interactions and screening drug targets to understand sca1 pathogenesis and develop therapies