Coronary Artery Disease, Atherosclerosis, Ischemia


Theme Leadership


Christie Ballantyne, M.D.
Professor, Department of Medicine
Chief, Cardiovascular Research Section
Research Interest - Pathophysiology and atherosclerosis, monocyte activation and adhesion

Johnny Chen, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Surgery and Chief
Division of Surgical Research
Research Interest - HIV associated CV disease, vascular tissue engineering, pancreatic cancer


Current Clinical Projects


1. Magnetic resonance based leg muscle perfusion to assess leg function in peripheral arterial disease [NIH K23, PI: Brunner]

2. Comparative effectiveness of physicians versus non-physicians for the delivery of outpatient Diabetes care: Implications for access to care under the Affordable Care Act [ADA, PI: Virani]

3. Comparative effectiveness of physicians vs. non-physicians for CHD care: implications for the Affordable Care Act [AHA, PI: Virani]

4. Identifying epidemiological risk factors for abdominal aortic aneurysm [NIH, Baylor Co- PI: Hoogeveen]

5. ARIC Central Atherosclerosis Laboratory [NIH, PI: Ballantyne]

6. Study of Health Outcomes of Weight-Loss (Look AHEAD) Trial [NIH, PI: Foreyt]

7. ARIC Neurocognitive Study (ARIC-NCS) [NIH, Baylor Co-PI: Ballantyne]


Current Basic Research Projects


1. Monocyte activation and the role of CD11c in obesity-linked metabolic syndrome [NIH, PI: Wu]

2. T cells, macrophages, chemokines, and adiposopathy in diet-induced obesity [NIH, PI: Ballantyne]

3. Role of blood-borne fibroblast precursors in ischemic cardiomyopathy [NIH, PI: Entman]

4. LRP1 and endothelial function [NIH, PI: Pi]

5. Signaling in endothelial growth & angiogenesis [NIH, PI: Pi]

6. Natural Substance Derivative DHNB is A Novel Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor (NIH R21, PI: Chen)

7. Molecular Surgeon Research Training on Vascular Disease (NIH T32, PI: Chen)

8. Stanniocalcin-1, a novel anti-inflammatory protein (NIH R01, PI: Sheikh-Hamad; Co-I: Chen)

9. Chronic kidney disease adversely influences vascular functions (NIH R01, PI: Cheng, Co-I: Chen)


Research Faculty


Ashok Balasubramanyam, M.D. - Ketosis-prone diabetes, myogenesis and insulin action, HIV associated lipodystrophy

John Belmont, M.D. - CV genetics, cardiovascular malformations and connective tissue disorders

Gerd Brunner, M.D. - Peripheral arterial disease, MR imaging

Robert Bryan, Ph.D. - Cerebrovascular circulation, EDHF in cerebral arteries, traumatic brain injury, K channels

Larry Chan, M.D. - Genetics of atherosclerosis and lipid disorders, novel therapies for diabetes

Chu-Huang (Mendel) Chen, M.D. Ph.D. - Electronegative LDL, angiogenesis0

Katarzyna Cieslik, Ph.D. - Cardiac mesenchymal progenitors

Miguel Cruz, M.D. - Von Willebrand factor, thrombosis

Mark Entman, M.D. - Molecular mechanisms of cardiac injury and repair, inflammatory signaling

John Foreyt, Ph.D. - Behavioral medicine research, coronary heart disease

John Gaubatz, MS - Lipoprotein metabolism

Craig Hartley, Ph.D. - Ultrasonic instrumentation for CV research, coronary blood flow

Sandra Haudek, Ph.D. - Circulating monocytic fibroblast precursors, cardiac hypertrophy

Ron Hoogeveen, Ph.D. - Sterol and lipid metabolism, dyslipidemia

Jimmy Howell, M.D. - Cardiothoracic surgery; ischemic heart disease

Peter Jones, M.D. - Lipid-modifying drugs, obesity, clinical trials

William Lagor, Ph.D. - Regulation of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism

Veronica Lenge De Rosen, M.D. - Imaging of coronary vasculature

Vijay Nambi, M.D. - Peripheral arterial disease, vascular imaging, cardiac prevention

Henry Pownall, Ph.D. - Adipogenesis, metabolic syndrome, lipoproteins

Anilkumar Reddy, Ph.D. - Doppler and physiological monitoring of small animals, hypertrophy, cardiac remodeling

Todd Rosengart, M.D. - Cardiac regeneration, cardiac gene therapy, angiogenesis

Rolando Rumbaut, M.D. Ph.D. - Microvascular thrombosis, leukocyte trafficking

C. Wayne Smith, M.D. - Mechanisms of leukocyte accumulation in inflammation and tissue injury

Addison Taylor, M.D. Ph.D. - Hypertension, clinical pharmacology JoAnn Trial, Ph.D. Origins of fibroblasts in cardiac injury healing

Vinod Vijayan, Ph.D. - Ser/Thr phosphatases in platelet and endothelial activation

Salim Virani, M.D. Ph.D. - Cardiac prevention, cholesterol management

Huaizhu Wu, M.D. - Inflammation associated with dyslipidemia and obesity