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Take Five on Understanding and Responding to Racial Microaggressions by Kishan Desai,, April 2021.

Anti-racism and Allyship: Coloring a New Conversation by Kishan Desai & Viena Cao,, November 2020.

Allies Unite: Creating a Black Lives Matter Ally Out of Your Teen by Brenda Duran and Stephanie Chapman,, August 2020.

Type 1 Diabetes Resilience: Recognizing and Developing It, by Med-IQ and JDRF,, 2019.

I vow to be better, by Viena Cao. Society of Pediatric Psychology Narratives on Racial Trauma and Justice,, June 2020.

Vaccinating our 1-year-old was a no-brainer [Opinion] by Marisa Hilliard., February 2019.

Self-care is never selfish for parents of kids with diabetes by Wendy Levy and Marisa Hilliard., December 2016.

Surviving the holidays – parenting guide for kiddos with T1D by Meredith Rose, Wendy Levy and Marisa Hilliard., December 2016.

The power of praise in type 1 parenting by Maureen Monaghan and Marisa Hilliard., December 2016.

Counting sheep and getting sleep for young children with T1D and their parents by Caitlin Shneider, Marisa Hilliard and Randi Streisand., September 2016.

10 secrets for getting your toddler with type 1 to eat by Marisa Hilliard and Carrie Tully., August 2016.




Mental Health and Strengths-based Approaches Society of Pediatric Psychology, Diabetes Special Interest Group "Diabetes Psychology 101" Webinar, October 2021.

#AdultingWithT1D and Transition to Adulthood The Type 1 Transitions Program, in partnership with the Section of Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology, offers programs to help teens and young adults with diabetes and their families prepare for adulthood, adult care, and life with diabetes beyond high school.

Diabetes Awareness Month 2016 by Marisa Hilliard., November 2016.




Mental Health and Wellness: An Interview With Marisa Hilliard by Devanshi Gupta,, April 2022.

How to Stay Positive Through the Ups and Downs of Managing Your Diabetes, by Ginny Graves,, May 2020. 

How Resilience can Help You Manage Diabetes (and How to Build It), by Kate Ruder, Everyday Health, December 2021.

Meet the Expert: Empowering People with T1D through Hands-On Care, by Jewels Doskicz,, November 2021.

Diabetes Resilience a Muscle You Can Build?, by Scott Johnson., May 2021.

Coping with Diabetes Stress and Burnout: What to Know by Greg Brown., May 2019.

Experts recommend gradual transition toward diabetes self-management for adolescents, families, March 2019.

The Secret to Dealing with Setbacks by Andrew Curry,, January 2019.

Recognizing Mental Health Issues in Diabetes Care... Is It Enough? by Mike Hoskins,, May 2018.

Strengths-Based App to Reduce Diabetes-related Family Conflict by Audrey Farly,, March 2018.

Health-related Quality of Life ‘Neglected Offspring’ in Comprehensive Diabetes Care, June 2016.

Quality of Life: Value in Diabetes Care by Samantha Peterson,, June 2016.

In T1D, Quality of Life Measures Fall Short by Richard Kirkner,, June 2016.

Growing Up With Diabetes, October 2013.

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