Integrated Microscopy Core


Nikon TE-2000

The Nikon TE-2000 is a manual inverted epifluorescence microscope.

Camera: Cool Snap HQ B&W camera
Acquisition Software: Nikon Elements
Filter Sets: Standard DAPI/CFP/FITC/TxRED/Cy5
Objective Lenses:
• 10x Plan Fluor/0.30 NA
• 20x Plan Fluor/0.5 NA
• 20x S Plan Fluor ELWD/0.45 NA
• 40x S Plan Fluor ELWD/0.60 NA
• 40x Plan Apo/0.95 NA
• 60x Plan Apo VC/1.40 NA, oil or water; request
• 100x Plan Apo VC/1.40 NA, oil; request
Illumination: X-Cite 120 long life fluorescent lamp, trans-illumination, DIC

For best results use 1.5 oz. (#1.5, 170 micron) cover slips.

Nikon A1R-s Confocal Microscope

The A1R-s confocal microscope with live chamber

The Nikon A1Rs confocal laser scanning microscope has both high resolution (4Kx4K) and high speed (up to 230 frames/sec) imaging capabilities. The system can perform real time FRAP, calcium imaging (with appropriate dyes), FRET, spectral detection (with adequate control samples) and time lapse studies of live cells.

Key Features:
 4 PMTs plus white light detector
• 7 Laser Lines:
 - 405nm diode at 38mW
 - Argon multi-line laser:457.9nm/476.5nm/488nm/514.5nm
 - 561.7nm diode at 40mW
 - 637.9nm diode at 10mW
• Spectral detector
• Nikon Perfect Focus System (for live imaging)
• Regulated environmental chamber for live cells
 - CO2, temperature, humidity
Acquisition Software: Nikon Elements
Filter sets: Standard DAPIFITC/TxRED/Cy5
Objective lenses:
 10x Plan Fluor/0.3 NA w/phase
 20x Plan Apo/0.75 NA
• 40x Plan Fluor/0.75 NA
• 40x Plan Fluor/1.3 NA Oil
• 60x Plan Apo/1.4 NA Oil
• 100x Plan Apo/1.4 Oil
Illumination: X-Cite 120 long life fluorescent lamp, trans-illumination, DIC

For best results use 1.5 oz. (#1.5, 170 micron) cover slips.

Hitachi H7500 Transmission Electron Microscope

The Hitachi H7500 transmission electron microscope is suitable for the examination of biological samples and small particles

The Hitachi H-7500 transmission electron microscope is an instrument suitable for high magnification examination of biological tissues in research. The column design of this particular TEM allows users to visualize samples at magnifications ranging from very low (700x) to very high (200,000x) while maintaining high resolution, a large field of view (160mm) and high contrast. The status of the electron microscope is displayed graphically on a dedicated computer, which shows the viewing and microscope parameters and allows the user to customize these conditions to suit their needs. An advanced vacuum system eliminates the need for a cold finger.

Key features include:
• Easy visualization of the TEM environment through
  graphic interface
• Point-to-point resolution of 0.4nm (ideal)
• 60, 80, or 100kV accelerating voltage
• Focusing wobbler and focus loupe tool
• High contrast viewing screen
• Easy to use, well marked controls
• Air table mounted to reduce vibration

Camera: Gatan, Inc. US1000 high resolution 4Mp digital camera
Acquisition Software: Digital Micrograph by Gatan, Inc., v1.82.366
                                      8- or 16-bit resolution capabilities
Illumination: long life tungsten hairpin filament

Applied Precision DeltaVision LIVE High Resolution Deconvolution (Image Restoration) Microscope

The deconvolution/restoration microscope is an excellent choice for fast acquisition of fixed or live cells at low light levels.

The API DeltaVision Deconvolution (Restoration) Microscope is engineered to provide high contrast and high resolution at low light levels. The environmental chamber provides a temperature controlled, humidified environment with defined CO2 levels. Microscope capabilities include Z-sectioning and 3D reconstruction, time series capture for following cellular events, determining co-localization of multiple proteins and/or dyes and FRAP.

Key features include:

• High Resolution Photometrics CoolSNAP Camera
• High Sensitivity Photometrics HQ2 EMCCD Camera

Acquisition Software SoftWoRx
Filter Sets:
• Live cell filter set - CFP/YFP/RFP or GFP/RF
• Standard filter set - DAPI/FITC/TRITC/CY5
• Alexa filter set - DAPI/FITC/Alexa594/Cy5
•Brightfield/DIC imaging capabilities

• 40X U Plan-FL N/0.75 NA, air gap
• 40X Plan-Apo/0.95 NA, air gap with correction collar
• 40X U Apo/1.35 NA, oil with iris
• 60X Plan-Apo/1.4 NA, oil
•100X U PlanS-Apo/1.4 NA, oil|

Illumination 2 xenon lamps for multiplexing wavelengths
The base microscope is an Olympus IX-71 Accepts standard microscope slides, multiwell coverglass chambers, 35mm cell culture dishes and multiwell plates (up to 384 well format)

For best results use 1.5 oz (170 micron) coverslips.