Nikon A1R-s Confocal Microscope


The Nikon A1Rs confocal laser scanning microscope has both high resolution (4Kx4K) and high speed (up to 230 frames/sec) imaging capabilities. The system can perform real time FRAP, calcium imaging (with appropriate dyes), FRET, spectral detection (with adequate control samples) and time lapse studies of live cells.


Key Features

Media Component
Nikon A1Rs
  • 4 PMTs plus white light detector
  • 7 Laser Lines:
    • 405nm diode at 38mW
    • Argon multi-line laser:457.9nm/476.5nm/488nm/514.5nm
    • 561.7nm diode at 40mW
    • 637.9nm diode at 10mW
  • Spectral detector
  • Nikon Perfect Focus System (for live imaging)
  • Regulated environmental chamber for live cells - CO2, temperature, humidity

Acquisition Software

  • Nikon Elements

Filter Sets

  • Standard DAPI/FITC/TxRED/Cy5

Objective Lenses

  • 10x Plan Fluor/0.3 NA w/phase
  • 20x Plan Apo/0.75 NA
  • 40x Plan Fluor/0.75 NA
  • 40x Plan Fluor/1.3 NA Oil
  • • 60x Plan Apo/1.4 NA Oil
  • 100x Plan Apo/1.4 Oil


  • X-Cite 120 long life fluorescent lamp, trans-illumination, DIC

For best results use 1.5 oz. (#1.5, 170 micron) cover slips.