About the Core

The Genomic and RNA Profiling Core (GARP) provides access to state-of-the-art genomic profiling technology and services, including:

  • Sequencing only- Standalone sequencing of user-prepped samples as opposed to samples that go through library prep and sequencing in house.
  • Library prep
  • Next Gen Sequencing on our Illumina platforms (iSeq 100, NextSeq 500 and NovaSeq 6000)
  • Nanostring nCounter Technology
  • Sample Quality Control
  • Nucleic acid shearing on the Covaris
  • DNA size selection on the Pippin HT
  • Consultation
  • Primary Data Processing & Analysis

We provide a secure web-based online environment for service requests, sample tracking, data management and billing in our LIM system: GSLE

Core Resource

We serve as the core resource for the following: