Acute Care

Baylor Family Medicine diagnoses and treats common illnesses and conditions such as the flu, sinus infections, skin infections, and urinary tract infections. Our board-certified physicians can conduct minor surgical procedures and provide medical care to patients with non-emergency injuries including minor fractures, lacerations and cuts, joint pain and more.

  • Common Illnesses and conditions
  • Non-emergency accidents and injuries
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Labs and x-ray services

Chronic Disease Management

Our physicians provide early diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other chronic health concerns. Should you need it, Baylor Family Medicine will help you navigate your health care and provide quick access to Baylor College of Medicine’s world-class specialists. If you are seeing a specialist for your chronic condition(s), be sure to keep your Baylor Family Medicine physician up to date on any changes.

Wellness Exam - Annual Physical - Preventative Care

Through routine health services and screenings, we prevent illnesses before they develop. Our physicians screen for a variety of medical conditions, make recommendations to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle, and educate patients in self-care techniques and their benefits.

  • Personal and family health history
  • Mental and wellness check
  • Vital signs
  • Visual and physical exam
  • Laboratory tests and screenings
  • Counseling, education and physician recommendations

School and Sports Physicals

Family Medicine’s physicians provide both school and sports physicals to our patients outside of their annual wellness exam.


Whether you are behind on your vaccinations, need vaccinations for your family members or want to check your immunization record, Baylor Family Medicine is here to help. 

  • Immunizations and booster shots for adults and children
  • Seasonal vaccines

Women's Health

Our board-certified physicians provide specialized primary care to women including pap tests, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted diseases treatment and testing, contraception and menopause management.

Family Education and Consultations

Our physicians and staff are here to help you to understand the best ways to maintain good health for yourself, your children and your family. Additionally, we provide patients and their families free learning opportunities and information sessions throughout the year.