About Us

The Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology offers a graduate program leading to the Ph.D. degree, which is highly research oriented. Although considerable time is spent in didactic coursework in the first year, the remainder of the research training is focused on an original research problem leading to the dissertation.

Laboratory research begins in the first year with four laboratory research rotations that help the student choose a mentor and laboratory for thesis research.

Predoctoral trainees are selected in a standard application process. Applications are due by Jan. 1, and screening of applicants begins prior to that time. It is to your advantage to apply early. Highly qualified applicants in whom the program has interest are generally interviewed at the College, and notification of acceptance or rejection generally follows the interview by about two weeks.

Applicants who are accepted and matriculate receive stipend support from the graduate school, the department, departmental training grants, investigator-initiated research grants, or trainee-initiated individual fellowships.