About Us

The Graduate Program in Immunology trains future scientists to address the challenges of inflammatory, infectious and autoimmune diseases. A proper functioning immune system detects and defends the body against foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites while simultaneously restraining inflammatory responses against self and non-harmful environmental agents such as the microbiota. To address the challenges associated with understanding the proper and pathological functioning of the immune system, our program provides a strong foundation in the scientific method and a deep understanding of cell and molecular immunology. Coursework, seminars and research experience provide you with the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence you need to launch your career.

Program Highlights
• Highly collaborative environment.
• Internationally recognized faculty with very diverse research interests.
• Annual offsite retreat
• Two Weekly Seminar series offering both Seminars and Works-in progress
• T32 Funded training program with Scientific Development Seminar
• Access to cutting-edge technology through Baylor’s Advanced Technology Cores, including extensive equipment, training and expertise in flow cytometry.
• Located within the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world with 54 research institutes and hospitals.