Baylor College of Medicine's vision is to improve health through science, scholarship and innovation. Realizing this vision requires providing the next generation of translational research leaders with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to apply the knowledge gained from the basic sciences to address clinical and community healthcare needs.

Prepare to Lead Translational Research Teams

Prepare to Lead Translational Research Teams

Baylor graduate students in their first or second year who are interested in a career focused on translating biomedical discoveries into molecular medicine advances to benefit human health are invited to apply for the Clinical Translational Research Certificate of Added Qualification (CTR-CAQ) program. Participants will acquire the foundational knowledge and professional skills required of effective leaders of translational research teams.

The CTR-CAQ is a two-year program run in coordination with our seven interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs so that it will not slow down your progress with your thesis research. You and your mentors will design your clinical translational research work so that it integrates with or complements your thesis research. Each year, 30 students will be selected to participate.

You will:

  •  Gain knowledge of the ethics, regulatory aspects and practical conduct of clinical research
  • Conduct hands-on work with peers in small groups to use this knowledge in simulated scenarios
  • Master the skills necessary to work in and lead teams of researchers
  • Participate in clinical/translational conferences and meetings where you will learn from and interact with experts in translational research
  • Complete a capstone project with mentorship from your chosen clinical translational research mentor who will introduce you to clinical research

Clinical Translational Research Mentors

Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is embedded within a leading health sciences university with a top-ranked medical school and located in the heart of the world’s largest medical complex. This provides access to many exceptional clinical translational research mentors for our students. You will have the opportunity to select mentors from the:

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