Our goal is to prepare our graduates to attain positions of leadership in education, research, and the community of science locally and globally. As a graduate school within a leading medical school, students receive rigorous scientific training in basic, translational and clinical sciences while maintaining a focus on how discoveries impact human health.

Shortly before graduation and moving on to run the company she founded while a student at BCM, Brittany Barreto discussed her experience as a graduate student. 

Baylor College of Medicine is ranked first in Texas and 20th in the United States for funding from the National Institutes of Health to medical schools. We have more than one million square feet of space dedicated to laboratory research and plan to add another 322,000 in the next few years. Our faculty includes members of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. We have a proven track record of success in biomedical research.

Our students learn from and work side-by-side with scientists who are leaders in their fields of study. Our vast, multi-disciplinary research enterprise fosters collaboration and interactions among faculty and trainees to bring diverse perspectives to bear on the most pressing questions in biomedical sciences leading to innovation and resulting in significant impact on human health.

"I wanted a very supportive school where I would also have a lot of options and flexibility in my choice of a mentor, which BCM provides  One of the things that stood out about BCM for me was that faculty are encouraged to continue to develop and refine their leadership and mentoring styles so that we get phenomenal mentoring." - Kristyn Hoffman, Ph.D. Student

Focused on You

While you pursue your Ph.D. we are focused on you and your training. If your vision for your future includes teaching, you may choose to gain experience as a teaching assistant. However, teaching is not a requirement, freeing you to explore interests that align with your career goals. Students receive a competitive stipend and BCM offers extensive academic and support services to promote academic excellence, health and wellness, and student engagement.

There are over 600 students and 540 faculty members within the graduate school, providing a diverse pool of potential colleagues, mentors and advisors. We seek students who are pursuing a scientific career because their interests in research are so strong they can’t imagine doing anything else. If you are such student, explore our site. Get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you too.

"To me, diversity is understanding the uniqueness of people. This can manifest in racial, cultural, religious or other difference. Diversity played a huge part when I was deciding on which school to attend. Some of my best experiences at Baylor have included collaborations with people from different personal and scientific backgrounds. I love experiencing how each individual applies their perspectives in addressing a  problem." - Grace Adeniyl-Ipadeola, Ph.D. Student



  • 604 Total
  • 302 Female
  • 302 Male
  • 398 Domestic
  • 206 International
  • 103 Underrepresented in Science

"I wanted a school with abundant biomedical research resources and access to clinically relevant projects. Being in the largest medical center in the world and having close collaborations between the hospitals and the research programs made BCM the perfect choice." - Rachel Curry, Ph.D. Student

Research at BCM

Research at BCM

The College ranks among the top 30 academic biomedical research institutions in the world in the 2019 Nature Index. In the Reuters listing of the World's Most Innovative Universities, Baylor ranks in the top 50.  Nature Journal ranked Baylor College of Medicine as the second-fastest growing research institution in North America based on publications in high impact journals.

The city of Houston ranks among the top 25 science cities, the top 15 cities for life sciences and the top 15 cities for corporate science in the world in the Nature Index. The College’s membership in the Texas Medical Center expands the culture of collaboration and innovation beyond Baylor. Together the institutions of the Texas Medical Center are second in the nation in funding from the National Institutes of Health. 

  • More than $480 million in total funding
  • 1st in Non-NIH Federal Funding
  • 20th in NIH Funding
  • 12 Departments in Top 25 in NIH Funding


  • 9 Members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 13 Members of the National Academy of Medicine
  • 14 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
  • 45 National Career Development Awards

"My mentors in Virginia first recommended I look at BCM. After browsing the website and seeing all the great programs, I applied. Once I came down to visit, it was clear that Baylor was everything my mentors said it was and more. One of the most appealing aspects of Baylor for me was that the faculty collaborate across departments and that research spanned from clinical to animal models with a focus on translation so that research has an impact on human health."- Shelton Boyd, Ph.D. Student