The Med-Peds Program is directed by Dr. Anoop Agrawal, a graduate of the Baylor College of Medicine Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, along with Dr. Richard Hamill and Dr. Mark Ward, who are residency training program directors for the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, respectively. A steering committee comprised of the directors, the combined medicine-pediatrics program chief residents, and faculty members from the two disciplines plan and oversee the program as well as the progress of individual residents.

Program Leadership

Dr. Anoop Agrawal

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program Director

Dr. Frené LaCour-Chestnut

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Associate Program Director

Dr. Richard Hamill

Internal Medicine Residency Program Director

Dr. Mark Ward

Pediatrics Residency Program Director

Medicine-Pediatrics Chief Residents

Dr. Yasmin Marcantonio

Medicine-Pediatrics Chief Resident 2016-2018

Dr. Nikki Oakman

Medicine-Pediatrics Chief Resident 2017-2019

Program Coordinator

Cindy Patton

Med-Peds Residency Program Coordinator

Medicine-Pediatrics Clinic Manager

John Jacob, LVN

Medicine-Pediatrics Clinic Manager