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NBME Testing Resources


Workstation Certification for Examinees with Personal Laptops


Students are required to bring their own laptop for NBME exams.

Before your exam day, please go to http://wbt.nbme.org/exam and follow the on-screen instructions to run the Secure Browser. Select the Workstation Certification icon. Select the Examinee Personal Laptop Certification link. The utility will test the laptop for compatibility with web-based testing.

If the test is successful, you will be prompted to launch a sample exam as the final step. If the test is not successful, the system will provide feedback. If the instructions require further assistance from the technical support staff (i.e. a recording application or process detected), please email Ken Melton, ed-tech@bcm.edu as to the specific error you experience so we may assist you in resolving the issue before the exam. Please note that you will only have 3 attempts to test your laptop before the system will lock you out.


What Do I Do if My Computer Fails Certification?


Please download the NBME testing software to test your computer’s compatibility with the program. You may test your computer by launching the software and selecting the ‘Workstation Certification’ option. If your computer fails the certification, you may try the solutions below:


Starting the computer up in Safe Mode has been effective in the past. See link for instructions. Make sure it is an Admin Account & *Make sure BitLocker Drive Encryption is turned off.


For Mac users, creating a new user profile on the computer solely for NBME exams has worked for students in the past. A standard user profile should work for the NBME exams. Make sure it is an Admin Account & *Make sure FileVault is turned off.

Baylor IT support will still be available at the exams should assistance be required.




Please look out for NBME emails regarding system and web browser updates.


Clinical NBME Subject Exam Schedule


Calendar for academic year 2021

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NBME Chief Proctor


Meishon Bell, M.S.
Evaluation and Assessment Associate
Division of Evaluation, Assessment and Research
School of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza, Suite M220
Houston, Texas 77030
Phone: 713-798-3596



NBME Technical Support Coordinator


Ken Melton
Email: ed-tech@bcm.edu