About Us

The Division of Cardiothoracic Transplantation & Circulatory Support continues its long history as a world leader in the treatment of advanced heart and lung failure. Under the leadership of legendary transplant pioneer Dr. O. Howard “Bud” Frazier, professor of surgery, more than 1,300 heart transplants and over 1,200 ventricular assistance device (VAD) implants have been performed at Texas Heart Institute (THI)/Baylor St. Luke Medical Center’s over the past 35 years, making it one of the world’s highest volume programs.

Dr. Kenneth Liao has joined Baylor College of Medicine as chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Transplantation and Circulatory Support. He specializes in minimally invasive valve repair and robotic coronary bypass surgery in addition to heart transplantation.

Today, Drs. Bud Frazier and Billy Cohn, professor of surgery and director of the TMC/Johnson & Johnson Center for Device Innovation, are working to develop the first total artificial heart that delivers blood via continuous flow. Dr. Gabriel Loor, surgical director of Baylor’s lung transplant program, has catalyzed the lung transplant service’s growing case volume and boosted the program’s national research presence.

Our new director of research and innovation Dr. Faisal H. Cheema has already added momentum to our cardiac transplant research program. Drs. Morgan and Cheema were recently awarded $4M from the Brockman Foundation to explore the feasibility of using hearts for transplantation after circulatory death.

 Under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, program director for the American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS), the 2018 AATS Mechanical Circulatory Support Symposium was a great success, attracting 300 attendees. Numerous sessions were given or chaired by our faculty members at the event, which will be held in Houston next year as well. Our fellows and trainees learn from true giants of the specialty. Division faculty recently published Mechanical Circulatory Support for Advanced Heart Failure (Springer 2018), an up-to-date and authoritative tome with a foreword written by the late Dr. Denton Cooley.