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Ben Taub Hospital - Pathology Residency

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Ben Taub Hospital is where you spend most of your time as a first-year resident.

We have three different resident rooms, all located on the 6th floor with a beautiful view of the Houston Zoo.

AP Rotations

  • 12 000 - 13 000 specimens a year
  • General sign out with 4 days cycle: Frozen- Grossing - S2 (sign out big specimens) - S1 (sign out biopsies)
  • Weekly multi-head scope sessions conducted by expert pathologists including Breast, GI and GYN pathologists
  • Bi-monthly interesting case conference
  • Monthly interesting gross case conference
  • Weekly tumor boards
  • Monthly Rad-Path conferences


  • ~ 21 000 specimens a year
  • Frequent Superficial FNAs

CP Rotations

  • Adult Hematopathology, Chemistry and Microbiology

Available Elective Rotations

  • GI, Liver, Breast, GYN, Soft tissue, Flow Cytometry

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