Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Resident Educators


The Academy of Resident Educators is a resident-driven initiative within the Ob/Gyn department that supports education beyond the core residency curriculum. ARE fosters the growth of residents as clinician educators by encouraging involvement in medical student education, educational leadership, and professional development.

We facilitate opportunities for residents through guest lectures, teaching resources, and teaching skills labs. We also host education journal clubs, actively participate in clerkship didactics/sim sessions, and support the medical student interest group (GOBIG). Our efforts have resulted in local and national presentations and found their way into publication. Residents who complete hours in direct teaching, educational activities, and other professional development are eligible for certification as a Distinguished Resident Educator at graduation.


  • Assist residents to develop as future clinician educators
  • Improve the teaching abilities of residents
  • Promote culture of residency teaching and education

Yearly Events

  • Professionalism in Teaching Workshop
  • Chalk Talk Workshop
  • Clerkship Sim Sessions
  • Clerkship Shelf Reviews
  • GOBIG Happy Hour
  • GOBIG Suture Workshop
  • Education Journal Club



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