Department of Medicine

Huffington Center on Aging Basic Science


Currently, the Huffington Center on Aging administers a NIA Cell and Molecular Biology of Aging Training grant, which supports the training of five predoctoral and five postdoctoral trainees. Fifteen Baylor College of Medicine faculty members involved in aging-related research participate as mentors in this training program.

The purpose of the grant is to provide education and research experience in the field of aging at the molecular and cellular level. Trainees become well versed in the background studies and theories of aging, enabling them to identify novel approaches to important questions in the field of aging.

The HCOA also sponsors the weekly Biology of Aging Seminar for researchers in all stages of their careers. Local and visiting scientists present their original research findings on a wide variety of topics designed to increase participants' understanding of basic aging processes as well as applications of basic science knowledge to the major diseases of later life.