About Us

The Section of Geriatrics at the Department of Medicine is dedicated to training medical professionals within the specialty of geriatrics on the clinical impact of aging, enhancing the health of the elderly in our community, and fostering research to advance the care of older patients.

We provide clinical care in a teaching setting through Baylor Geriatrics, a non-profit group that is committed to improving the health of older persons through preventive health services, comprehensive assessments and long-term care. Patients come to us for our expertise in aging; our reputation for compassionate, unhurried care; our patient advocacy; and our inclusion of family members as vital participants in the treatment plan.

Huffington Center on Aging

The Section of Geriatrics is addressing the needs of the aging population through the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine, recognized as one of the most advanced centers on aging research in the nation. HCOA conducts basic and clinical science research, promotes superior healthcare at affiliated hospitals and other institutions, and provides medical education and training. Visit the Huffington Center on Aging website for more information.

Mission and Vision

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Mission statement and vision

The Geriatrics section in the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine is the professional home of more than 50 faculty, nine trainees, and five staff distributed across 15 venues. The breadth and depth of our Section is considerable: we have active practice and training sites at Baylor St Luke’s Medical Center, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Harris Health System, Houston Methodist Hospital, Park Plaza Hospital, as well as close associations with a number of continuum of care sites including the Huffington Center on Aging. We strive for excellence in patient care, medical education and training and discovery. The Section of Geriatrics has been engaged in a strategic planning process. Our ambitious goal is to make the section a recognized leader in each of our mission areas: medical education and training, patient clinical care, and scientific discovery and research. This plan challenges us to do more, go farther, and be better.

We plan to provide more excellent clinical services in new and better ways, including patient centered care, population management and personalized medicine; to educate and train our learners to high standards of excellence and leadership; to recruit high-quality talent more effectively; to contribute more to the many communities we serve; and to achieve more scientific breakthroughs and create more knowledge. This plan – not only to grow our scientific discovery and research, clinical care programs, and medical education and training but also to focus on quality and to nurture and develop our people - is going to be the blueprint for the next five years.  We will measure our progress in each of the outlined initiatives as we move toward the achievement of our goals.

Mission Statement
The Geriatrics Section creates and applies knowledge through research, scientific discovery, and medical education and training, locally and globally; all done with innovation and compassion to advance health and wellness for the older person.

To become a destination academic community that promotes discovery and education to improve the health of individuals and populations through science, clinical practice, education and service for an aging population.

Research: Become a leading engine of scientific discovery, translation and implementation to advance health for the elderly, to increase collaboration with the HCOA, the MEDVAMC and HMH Quality teams, and to foster independent inquiry by the faculty and trainees of the section.

Patient Care: Provide the highest quality clinical service that employs and integrates patient-centered care, population health, personalized medicine and wellness principles, and is the first choice for older patients in Houston and beyond.

Education: Be recognized as innovators in education and training of students, trainees and health professionals, attracting and developing the next generation of leaders in Geriatrics and Gerontology.