About Us

The Section of Geriatrics at the Department of Medicine is dedicated to training medical professionals within the specialty of geriatrics on the clinical impact of aging, enhancing the health of the elderly in our community, and fostering research to advance the care of older patients.

We provide clinical care in a teaching setting through Baylor Geriatrics, a non-profit group that is committed to improving the health of older persons through preventive health services, comprehensive assessments and long-term care. Patients come to us for our expertise in aging; our reputation for compassionate, unhurried care; our patient advocacy; and our inclusion of family members as vital participants in the treatment plan.

Huffington Center on Aging

The Section of Geriatrics is addressing the needs of the aging population through the Huffington Center on Aging at Baylor College of Medicine, recognized as one of the most advanced centers on aging research in the nation. HCOA conducts basic and clinical science research, promotes superior healthcare at affiliated hospitals and other institutions, and provides medical education and training. Visit the Huffington Center on Aging website for more information.

Geriatrics Mission and Vision

View the mission and vision of the Section of Geriatrics.