Department of Emergency Medicine

Health Equity Research


The Division of Health Equity and Community Engagement strives to conduct research and implement innovative initiatives that aim to eliminate health disparities and disseminate best practices to the scientific community. We are committed to studying the root causes of health disparities and inequities of patients that seek care in the emergency department (ED), while also developing interventions to address them. We also look to perform research that addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion within the healthcare workforce.

Recent and Ongoing JEDI Projects and Research


BCM Principal Investigator, Co-PIs

(DIABETES ED) Diabetes Initiative Assessing Benefits of Early Treatment, Education, and Screening in the EDDr. Edgardo Ordoñez, Dr. Katie Dowdell
Academic Emergency Medicine Faculty Perceptions of the Minority TaxDr. Edgardo Ordonez, Dr. Anita Chary, Dr. Ynhi Thomas, Dr. Adedoyin Adesina
ED-Based Digital Health Navigation to Facilitate Outpatient Addiction Follow-up: A Pilot StudyDr. Vidya Eswaran, Dr. Anita Chary, Dr. Ynhi Thomas
The State of Professionalism between Physicians and Nurses in the Emergency Department with a Focus on Gender-Based DiscriminationDr. Navdeep Sekhon
CTPE Utilization Based on the Patient's Race and SexDr. Ynhi Thomas
The Role of Racial-Ethnic and Sex Differences among Providers and Patients in the Use of Physical RestraintsDr. Ynhi Thomas
How Gender Affects Faculty Evaluation Outcomes by Emergency Medicine ResidentsDr. Ynhi Thomas, Dr. Anita Rohra, Dr. Aleksandr Tichter, Dr. Tyson Pillow
Discharge Instructions from the Emergency Department: Are They Gendered?Dr. Ynhi Thomas
The Need to Study Emergency Medicine Quality Indicators from a Sex and Gender LensDr. Ynhi Thomas
Experiences of Decision Making About Physical and Chemical Restraints Use in the Emergency DepartmentDr. Anita Chary, Dr. Michelle Suh, Dr. Ynhi Thomas
Recruitment of URiM Applicants in EMDr. Anita Chary, Dr. Michelle Suh
A Scoping Review of DEI in Geriatric Emergency Medicine ResearchDr. Anita Chary, Dr. Michelle Suh, Dr. Edgardo Ordoñez
Utilization of Medical Interpreter training to enhance communication with patients Dr. Adedoyin Adesina, Dr. Tyson Pillow
Increasing Awareness and Assessing Intervention Effectiveness Among Minority Women Populations: A Human Papillomavirus Prevention InitiativeDr. Alison Haddock, Dr. Michael Jaung
Improving Older Adults' Sensory Experience in the Emergency DepartmentDr. Anita Chary
Combining Interprofessional Education and Simulation Immersion to Teach Health EquityDr. Anisha Turner
A Cross-Sectional Study of EM Residency Diversity   Dr. Adedoyin Adesina, Dr. Michelle Suh, Dr. Meselle Jeff-Eke, Dr. Edgardo Ordoñez
Police brutality and EM Physician Mental HealthDr. Anisha Turner, Dr. Adedoyin Adesina, Dr. Richina Bicette, Dr. Edgardo Ordoñez
Trends in the Care of Vaso-occlusive Episodes in the EDDr. Adedoyin Adesina, Dr. Edgardo Ordoñez, Dr. Aleksandr Tichter