Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center Pilot Projects

The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center is seeking to fund six (6) one-year pilot projects up to $50,000 each - to be awarded no later than July 1, 2018. Our focus this year will be to support translational science projects, or proposals requiring collaborative research between two or more programs, with additional consideration given to proposals with collaborations between Cancer Prevention & Population Sciences and another program. 

**Applications should be submitted by 5 p.m., Friday, March 16, 2018**

All cancer center members who have a faculty appointment are eligible to apply. 

Indirect costs are not allowed and applications do not need to be submitted via BRAIN.

If you have any questions, please contact Shari Robinson at (713) 798-2087 or email sharir@bcm.edu

NIH Grant Funding Opportunities

Current NIH funding opportunity announcements:

Tina's Wish Foundation

 Request for Letters of Intent The Honorable Tina Brozman Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research Individual Investigator Awards 2019-2020 


The Honorable Tina Brozman Foundation (“Tina’s Wish”) is requesting Letters of Intent (LOI) for the Tina’s Wish individual investigator awards for 2019-20. Tina’s Wish awards annual grants to researchers proposing new ideas and concepts specifically for the early detection or prevention of ovarian cancer

Eligibility and Selection Criteria 
1. Applicants must be working in a school of medicine or public health, or a recognized non-profit scientific research facility in the United States. 
2. The research for which support is requested should be innovative and not currently funded. (Investigators currently funded by the Tina Brozman Foundation may submit a competitive renewal proposal for ongoing projects.) 
3. Applicants must have attained the faculty position of Assistant Professor or higher (or equivalent). 

1. Two-year grant. 
2. The award’s annual total costs of $100,000 are inclusive of indirect costs, which should not exceed 10%. 
3. The second year of funding is contingent on adequate progress during the first year. 

Selection Process 
1. The Tina’s Wish Scientific Advisory Board will review LOIs; additional reviewers may be used, as needed. 

1. LOI application deadline: Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 5pm Eastern time zone. 
2. All applicants will be notified of their status on or before May 15, 2018. A subset of the LOIs submitted will be requested to submit full proposals for evaluation, due on or before June 28, 2018. Written critiques will not be provided to any applicants. 
3. Announcements of 2019/20 grants will be made by October 2018. 

Letter of Intent Instructions 

1. Contact Information (please see attached excel spreadsheet to be completed) 
2. Proposal Summary is limited to 800 words, exclusive of cover page, and should be sent as a pdf. Please include: a. Cover page including: i. Name of Institution  ii. PI & Co-PI Name(s), Position/Title  iii. Title of Proposal  
    b. Brief Proposed Research Plan: briefly describe the background, hypothesis and approach for the proposed research.  c. Innovation: briefly describe how the proposed research is innovative in the context of early detection or prevention of ovarian cancer.  d. Impact: briefly describe how the proposed research will impact a critical problem or question in early detection or prevention of ovarian cancer research.  
3. NIH biosketch for the PI and co-PI (if applicable) 
4. LOI Submission: All LOIs should be submitted on or before Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 5pm ET to Beverly Wolfer, Executive Director, at grants@tinaswish.org. An email will confirm receipt of the LOI. a. Investigators currently funded by Tina’s Wish should include an additional summary of progress to date and explain the objectives or new direction of work that subsequent funding would support, not to exceed 250 words.  
5. Those investigators invited to submit full proposals will be given submission instructions at that time. Full proposals can only be submitted by invitation.  6. Questions: Please contact Beverly Wolfer, Executive Director, grants@tinaswish.orgor 212.880.5757. 

Forbeck Foundation Scholar

The Foundation is looking for outstanding junior clinical or post-doctoral fellows to attend the Annual Foundation Forum, held November 8-11, 2018 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. During the meeting recipients of the award have an unrivaled opportunity to interact with international experts in their particular field of cancer research.

The 2018 Forum will focus on “Cancer Predisposition”. The meeting will be chaired by Dr. John Maris, MD of University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Judy Garber, MD, MPH of Harvard University.

Scholar Award winners are invited to participate in a 4-year program, being invited to four consecutive years of Scholar Retreats after attending the Forbeck Forum. During Retreat meetings, Scholar’s benefit from the opportunity to interact with their peers and meeting different groups of international experts in oncology.  Existing awardees have found these interactions invaluable in developing collaborations as well as opening up a variety of career opportunities.  Joining this group also offers the opportunity to apply for other programs sponsored by the Foundation, only open to Scholars and past meeting participants.

Please review the attached application for additional information.

All Scholar applications must be submitted to admin@wgfrf.org by April 2, 2018!

Leidos Biomedical Research

Request for Proposal S18-054 “Prototyping Carrier Basket Arrays” (RFP), which we believe will be of significant interest to your institution.  Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. (Leidos Biomed) is issuing the RFP and will be responsible for awarding the resulting Agreement(s), in support of the Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute (NCI).  Leidos Biomed is the Operations and Technical Support Services Contractor of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, which solely supports the NCI mission.

The RFP seeks proposals to use shape-changing materials (“smart materials”) to create an arrayed carrier suitable for transporting 3-dimensional mammalian organoid cultures from multi-well cell culture plates into common histology cassettes.  The idea to use shape-changing materials and similar strategies that precisely control shape and size changes stems from the need to convert the size of the array from the standard dimensions of multi-well cell culture plates (127.76 x 85.48 x 14.35 mm, per The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (https://www.slas.org/SLAS/assets/File/ANSI_SLAS_1-2004_FootprintDimensions.pdf) into the standard dimensions of histology cassettes (24 x 30 x 11 mm), in order that 3D organoid cultures can be processed en masse into a paraffin block for sectioning onto slides and immuno/histochemical analysis. 

The Project Objective is to design and prototype carriers that can readily bridge these two standardized systems by shrinking, expanding, or both, without perturbing the payload of 3D organoids being transported.  The RFP represents the initial stage of the Project and, therefore, focuses on identification of candidate materials and the design, limited production and testing of prototypes; successful prototypes will play an important role in proving feasibility of the approach.

You are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the requirements of the RFP.  The RFP Package consists of two attachments: (i) the first is the RFP document, which includes instructions for preparing the proposal; and (ii) the second is the Agreement document, which is provided in advance of award to allow time to review the terms and conditions. 

The issuance of the RFP is the first step in a multi-step process, which will culminate in the receipt of proposals.  PROPOSALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 2:00 PM (EST) ON THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2018.  PROPOSALS RECEIVED AFTER 2:00 PM (EST) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  In between now and March 15, 2018, two “Bidders’ Teleconferences” have been scheduled: (i) 12:15 pm (EST) on Thursday, February 22, 2018; and (ii) 3:15 pm (EST) on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  These teleconferences will provide a venue to ask and receive answers to questions regarding the RFP, the proposal and subcontracting processes, the technical project’s nature and scope, and other related topics.  You can join the teleconferences by calling 855.462.5367, passcode 8936166.

American Cancer Society Research Grants

The American Cancer Society (ACS) awards research grants and fellowships to promising early-career scientists with unique hypotheses for cancer prevention and study, fostering the next generation of cancer research and creating a strong foundation of preliminary evidence to make scientific advancements. We also sponsor grants in support of training for health professionals seeking to develop their clinical expertise and/or their ability to conduct independent research.