Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance

Letters of Intent are due May 14, 2018, and must be submitted via Proposal CENTRAL. The application instructions are available on the OCRFA website.

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance is now accepting nominations for the annual Rosalind Franklin Prize for Excellence in Ovarian Cancer Research. The Rosalind Franklin Prize for Excellence in Ovarian Cancer Research is a $10,000 annual prize awarded to an individual in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions to basic science, translational, or clinical research in ovarian cancer. Nominations are due April 16, 2018.

NIH Funding for Aging and Cancer Research

The Partnership for Aging and Cancer Research, a new U01 grant opportunity that arose from discussions led by The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), was recently announced by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institute on Aging (NIA), and SWCRF.  This funding opportunity will promote research regarding mechanisms by which aging affects cancer onset, progression, metastasis, and/or therapeutic response. A distinctive aspect of the program is that it requires collaboration between an extramural scientist and an investigator in either the NCI Center for Cancer Research and/or the NIA Intramural Research Program.  

Review the following links to find intramural investigators with whom you can explore a collaboration:

NCI intramural program 
• Directory of all NCI principal investigators

Potential topics, which largely arose from the Aging and Cancer Symposium convened by the SWCRF in 2016, include:

• The decline in tissue maintenance in old age and its link to rising cancer incidence
• Mechanisms of aging-associated changes in stem cell function and relevance to cancer
• Mechanisms of clonal evolution in somatic tissues with age
• Contributions of the microenvironment in aging-associated tumor formation
• Inter-organ system communication in aging and cancer
• Chromatin/epigenetic mechanisms in aging and cancer
• Mutation and/or de-repression of non-coding genome in aging and cancer 
• Aging-associated DNA damage response pathways and genomic instability in cancer 
• Aging-associated changes in metabolism in cancer
• Human premature aging disorders as model systems of aging-associated cancer formation
• Novel mouse models to study aging in cancer 
• Cellular mechanisms contributing to direct and inverse comorbidities in aging

Several awards are expected of up to $75,000 (direct costs) to the extramural investigator per year for two years, and a similar award will be given to the intramural collaborator; thus, the total annual budget is up to $150,000 per project per year for two years. The application is due June 8, 2018. Proposals will be reviewed in October/November, 2018 by a special advisory board.

• View entire FOA # PAR-18-552 
• Contact Dr. Waxman with any questions you may have about the FOA at (212) 241-7995 or samuel.waxman@mssm.edu

NIH Grant Funding Opportunities

Current NIH funding opportunity announcements:

American Cancer Society Research Grants

The American Cancer Society awards research grants and fellowships to promising early-career scientists with unique hypotheses for cancer prevention and study, fostering the next generation of cancer research and creating a strong foundation of preliminary evidence to make scientific advancements. We also sponsor grants in support of training for health professionals seeking to develop their clinical expertise and/or their ability to conduct independent research.