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GE Healthcare DeltaVision OMX 3D-SIM


GE HealthCare DeltaVision OMX


The DeltaVision OMX is a 3D structured illumination microscope (3D-SIM) designed to provide a highly stable, multi-channel imaging platform for advanced microscopy applications. The design of the microscope is such that super-resolution 3D images may be rapidly obtained and constructed. Live or fixed cells may be imaged.

Media Component
The DeltaVision OMX is an advanced, multimode super-resolution microscope system offering the Blaze SIM Module for dynamic, high speed 3D-SIM.

Key features include:
• Multiple illumination modalities
· Structured illumination 3D SIM
· Advanced TIRF and pK/pA module
· Localization imaging
· Wide-field imaging
• SIM Blaze module for full 3D super-resolution reconstruction
UltimateFocus laser-based hardware autofocus technology
• "Pan and scan" function
• High precision motor-driven stage

Cameras: PCO front illuminated Edge sCMOS x 2. 15-bit, 5.5Mp, 512x512 for 3D-SIM; 1024x1024 for wide-field and TIRF. High speed, low light sensitivity.

Acquisition software: OMX Master Control Workstation (Windows 7)

Workstation: softWoRx®/Imaris (CentOS v6, Linux)

Filter sets: 2x 8 position filter wheels

Lasers: 405nm ± 2; 488nm ± 2; 568nm ± 1; 642nm ± 2. 4-channel simultaneous imaging capability.

• 60X oil PLANPON6, NA 1.42 (required for use with sCMOS camera)
• 60X APON, NA 1.49 with correction collar (required for TIRF)

Illumination: 6-color InsightSSI solid state wide-field illumination. Supports DAPI/CFP/GFP, FITC/YFP/Alexa Fluor™ 568, mCherry/Cy™5/DIC.


Core Hours


Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Office phone: (713) 798-4679


Core Location


Cullen Building:
122A Light Microscopy
125A Electron Microscopy
117A, 119A, 121A (offices)