Metabolic Research Unit Research


Why and How We Do Our Research


Research conducted in the MRU has aided in the foundation of national nutrition policies and clinical nutrition practices that have improved the health of mothers and children of all ages. These studies require the collaborative efforts of many specialized individuals with expertise in supporting nutrition and metabolism research in children and mothers. We have the ability to perform sophisticated clinical research and employ methods such as:

  • The use of stable isotope methodology which when used with clamp studies, yields important information on glucose homeostasis, insulin sensitivity at different organ levels, metabolite tracing and metabolomic profile
  • Oral glucose tolerance and mixed meal tests
  • Eating behavior studies
  • Body composition evaluation
  • Evaluation of bone density and bone microarchitecture (DXA scan and high resolution peripheral quantitative CT
  • Energy expenditure measurements
  • Use of accelerometry and physical activity measurement
  • Exercise and fitness testing
  • Non-invasive vascular health assessment
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm studies