Fida Bacha Lab Studies


IRB Number: H-45986
Study Title: Bone Health and Metabolism in Youth
Study Description: This study evaluates the effect of obesity and childhood onset diabetes and their associated adverse metabolic milieu on bone density, microarchitecture and bone biomarkers. In turn, the effect of these biomarkers on vascular function in youth will be assessed.
Victoria Sollock, RN, BSN; 713.798.6721 |

IRB Number: H-50574
Study Title: Type 2 diabetes and bone health in youth; A longitudial study
Study Description: This study investigates the effect of childhood onset diabetes on bone accrual, density, microarchitecture and bone biomarkers longitudinally over 12 months.
Victoria Sollock, RN, BSN; 713.798.6721 |

IRB Number: H-30665
Study Title: Determinants of subclinical coronary atherosclerosis and endothelial dysfunction in youth with and without type 2 diabetes
Status: Not currently enrolling