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Integrated Microscopy Core

About the Core

The Integrated Microscopy Core is a light and electron microscopy facility supporting investigators at Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Medical Center.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Advanced Technology Cores at BCM, the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center and the Texas Medical Center Digestive Diseases Center.

Integrated Microscopy Core - Services

What does the IMC offer?

  • Training in immunofluorescence and RNA FISH protocols
  • Free consultation in experimental design and data interpretation (Fridays 9-12)
  • TEM samples prep and processing (tech assist and training)
  • TEM samples sectioning (tech assist and training)
  • Tech assist in experiment setup, execution and imaging (limited)
  • Laminar flow hood and CO2 incubator for limited time cell maintenance and live experiments (no live virus or bacteria accepted into the facility)

Integrated Microscopy Core - Equipment

Which instruments are available at the IMC?

  • Nikon A1-Rs Inverted Laser Scanning Microscope
  • DeltaVision Inverted Deconvolution/ Image Restoration Microscope
  • Hitachi H7500 Transmission Electron Microscope
  • NEW! Nikon Ci-L Upright Microscope
  • Nikon TE-2000 Epi-Fluorescence Microscope
  • VALA IC-200 High Throughput Microscope
  • Beckman Biomek Span 8 NX Robot
  • Titretek Plating System
  • RMC Ultramicrotome

Which Instrument is Best for Your Experimental Needs?

Use the diagram below to quickly determine which microscope might be optimal for your project:

Price List: Price/Hour

SERVICE                       DLDCC     BCM      non-BCM   COMMERCIAL

Nikon A1-Rs (confocal)     $28          $35           $70            negotiable   

DV Live (deconvolution)     28            35             70             negotiable   

Nikon Ci-L (bright field)      12            15              30            negotiable

IC-100 (high throughput)    32           40              80            negotiable

Workstation (Windows)         8           10              20            negotiable

BioMek Span8 (robot)           8           10              20            negotiable

Ultra-microtome, RMC           8           10              20            negotiable

Staining-TEM                      16           20              40            negotiable

Sectioning-TEM                  32           40              80            negotiable

Tissue Processing-TEM   320          400            800           negotiable  (flat fee for 1-6 samples)

Nikon TE-2000 (epi-fluor)  16            20              40            negotiable

IC-200 (high throughput)   24            30              60            negotiable

Tech Assist/Tutorial           32            40              80            negotiable