Healthcare: Dermatology

Options for Skin Rejuvenation


Sunblock: Required to prevent further sun damage
Inexpensive and easy to use.

Cosmeceuticals, microdermabrasion, superficial peels: Less aggressive options.
Very safe with no downtime. Good for skin maintenance.

Botox: Injection that greatly improves wrinkles due to overactive muscles.
Works well for overactive muscles in the forehead, frown lines and crows' feet. Few side effects with no downtime. Lasts three to four months.

Fotofacial - Intense Pulsed Light: Improves redness and brown spots.
Seventy percent improvement average with three to five sessions. May help to some degree with pores, fine texture and flushing. Minimal downtime (redness for one day average, minimal to no bruising). Great for large zones. Treatment is 20-30 minutes. We own one of the latest and most advanced IPL systems.

Fraxel: Rejuvenates skin in all skin types with relatively easy skin care and little downtime. Improvement in most wrinkles, skin texture, redness and brown spots. Minimal downtime (swelling for one to two days, redness for two to four days, flaky tan for four to seven days). Treatment is 30-45 minutes with topical numbing cream. Can be used in nearly all patients.

Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore: The best overall laser skin rejuvenation available.
Best combination of improvement in wrinkles and side effect profile. Also helps brown spots and precancerous lesions. Expensive (full face $1250-3500 per session with 1-3 sessions required). Moderate downtime.