Healthcare: Dermatology

Laser Treatment of Brown Spots


Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines have a unique ability to specifically target pigment in the skin. This property allows for safe, effective and rapid treatment of unsightly skin lesions that have brown pigment. Not all "brown spots" respond the same. Most people have lentigines, also known as liver spots or age spots. These flat brown marks in areas of sun exposure are very effectively removed. The response of other skin lesions is variable, depending on the diagnosis. Sunblock before and after treatment is recommended.


Three options are available through Baylor Medicine Dermatology


Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore
Pros: Also improves wrinkles, skin texture, scars and tightens skin. The best overall laser treatment for skin rejuvenation.
Cons: Expensive (full face $2500-$3500 for first treatment and half price for each further treatment). 3-7 days of downtime. Can have prolonged redness.

Fraxel Laser
Pros: Also improves skin texture and scars.
Cons: $1,000 per session (3-6 needed). Minimal downtime (swelling 1-2 days, redness 2-4 days, flaking for 1 week). Need to come 90 minutes pre-treatment for special numbing cream application.

Lumenis One IPL
Pros: Also improves redness and to some degree will smooth skin texture.
Cons: Cost $500 per treatment with 1-2 sessions typically needed for brown spots. Minimal downtime (redness 1-2 days, flaking for 1 week). Over-the-counter Recticare (numbing cream) recommended to be applied pre-treatment.