About the Myopathy and Muscular Dystrophy Clinic

Expert diagnostic services and treatment are provided for patients with common and rare disorders of the muscular system, including muscular dystrophies. Myopathic (myo = muscle, pathy = disease) conditions can include polymyositis, dermatomyositis, inclusion body myositis, and various myopathies due to metabolic, congenital, and endocrine causes. Patients are offered and informed about the latest advances in the treatment of these conditions.

Our comprehensive services include diagnosis, treatment, education, and rehabilitative care. Patients are also provided with instructions and guidance to help effectively manage their conditions on a day to day basis. This may include information related to exercise programs, proper nutrition, pain management, orthotics and medical equipment, if indicated.

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Director: Myopathy and Muscular Dystrophy Clinic

Yadollah Harati, M.D.



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