O&P Application Opens July 19, Closes Jan. 2

OPCAS PortalSubmission: We encourage you to submit all the required documentation to OPCAS on or before Nov. 1. (transcripts, evaluations, GRE scores, etc). It takes OPCAS two to four weeks to verify your application once all documents have been submitted. In order for us to review your application in consideration for an invitation to an interview, your application must be categorized as "verified." Interviews will be conducted in early February.

Application Deadline: Jan. 2

Interview: Early February

Acceptance Notification: Within one week of interviews

Matriculation: Late June

Application materials submitted to OPCAS after Jan. 2 will not be considered.

"When I first considered OP programs I assumed I would go to a state school where I could pay in-state tuition. Then I came to BCM for my interview and it was the most welcoming environment. By the end of the day, I knew that if I got in, I was coming here." - Regan Hoelscher, O & P Student

Tuition, Fees and Expenses

Baylor College of Medicine's Orthotics and Prosthetics Program tuition and fees are available on the Tuition and Fees page. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

The Baylor Office of Student Financial Aid helps students navigate the process of applying for financial support. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Financial Aid’s website for a listing of available programs, eligibility requirements, application processing, and policies.

For additional information or assistance, call the Office of Student Financial Aid at (713) 798-4603.

Interview Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to the O & P Program at Baylor College of Medicine.

Once applications are processed through OPCAS and reviewed, competitive applicants are invited to participate in interviews conducted in early February of each year on the Baylor College of Medicine campus.

The interview process is structured to orient applicants to the program through interaction with current students, residents, faculty and staff. If you are invited for an interview you will engage in three interviews with faculty, members of the clinical community and Baylor O & P residents. These interviews are uniquely designed to assess multidimensional characteristics including: fitness for clinical practice and role awareness, communication, commitment to service, leadership, academic capacity, critical analysis and compassion. They also give you the opportunity to gain various perspectives on our program.

"I went to a small private school for undergrad and majored in engineering. One of my priorities for OP school was to find an environment like I was used to in my undergrad school. The relationship with professors and students here is exactly  what I wanted. Everyone is like a family. I had so much support from faculty and students that has helped me with my education and helped me become the person I am today." - Glen Thompson, O &P Student

Acceptance Process

If you are invited for an interview you will be evaluated for admission by an interdisciplinary Health Professions Admissions Committee. Decisions on acceptance are made within one week of the interviews being conducted. If you are offered a position in the upcoming cohort you must acknowledge acceptance within the time prescribed in the acceptance letter.

A non-refundable deposit of $350 must accompany a written acknowledgment of acceptance to secure your seat in the cohort matriculating in mid- June. Should an accepted applicant decline the offer, a member of the Alternate List will be invited to claim the seat. The Alternate List is comprised of otherwise qualified interviewees who rank next in order behind the original cohort selected.

Enhance Your Prospects

 To best position yourself for acceptance to the Baylor O & P Program, you are encouraged to:

  • Gain experience in an orthotics and prosthetics facility, either by participating or observing,
  • Take classes relevant to orthotics and prosthetics practice beyond the required courses, such as biomechanics, business, healthcare professions, engineering, and/or advanced physiology.
  • Participate in scientific research or scholarly activities related to the design, implementation, and/or delivery O & P care.