Didactic Phase

The initial 18-month didactic phase of the program includes basic science, advanced practice nursing, and anesthesia courses. Each semester is six months in length and divided into three terms. The course load per term will vary. View course descriptions.

‡ Course offered online only

* Advanced Nursing Practice Core

"We have had a number of classes with PA and M.D. students which is really helpful because it gives us insight into the knowledge base we share and how we need to communicate as professionals We evaluate the same case studies with people from different professions and see the different approaches taken by people with different training. We come to the same answers but in very different ways." - Austen Carie, DNP Student

Spring 1 Semester Courses

  • Advanced Health Assessment
  • ‡*Professional Philosophy & Scholarship
  • ‡*Leading & Managing Healthcare Systems
  • *Ethical & Multicultural Healthcare
  • ‡*Theories & Concepts in Healthcare
  • ‡*Approaches to Healthcare Education
  • ‡*Influencing Healthcare Policy
  • ‡*Biostatistics
  • ‡*Quality Outcomes Management
  • ‡*Decision Science & Informatics in Healthcare

Fall 1 Semester

  • Advanced Pathophysiology I
  • Anatomical Science I
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Principles of Anesthesia
  • Pharmacology in Advanced Practice
  • Human Physiology
  • Immunology for Health Professions
  • Physics for Anesthesia Practice
  • ‡*Emerging Sciences in Healthcare

Spring 2 Semester

  • Advanced Pathophysiology II
  • Anatomical Science II
  • Advanced Principles of Anesthesia
  • Pharmacology in Advanced Practice II
  • Human Physiology II
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • ‡*Translational Research
  • Radiology for Health Professions
  • Clinical Skills Inquiry
  • Nervous System

Clinical Phase

The second phase of the program consists of 18 months of clinical training in a variety of hospital learning environments as well as several synthesis courses. The clinical phase provides extensive clinical education in the provision of general, regional, and local anesthesia. Students will gain experience with a depth and breadth of cases that significantly exceeds requirements for training as a CRNA.

Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center 

Ben Taub Hospital 

CHI St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital

Covenant Health Plainview Hospital

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center 

Houston Methodist 

Pampa Regional Medical Center

Texas Children's Hospital 

Synthesis Courses

  • Seminars in Anesthesia
  • Evidence Based Anesthesia Practice
  • Critical Concepts in Anesthesia
  • DNP Project in Anesthesia
  • Comprehensive Examination in Anesthesia