Profile of a Successful SMART Applicant

We look for a solid academic background, strong reference letters, and a statement demonstrating passion for research and knowledge of the scientific process. The ideal candidate has intellectual curiosity, drive, and perseverance. Each year, the group is diverse in background, talent, experience, and personality. 

Previous research experience (outside of classes or associated lab courses) is highly valuable, however it is not required (except of first-year students - freshman status in college). We understand that your college may not have many laboratories or you may not have yet had the time to devote to research. 


Applications, unofficial transcripts, and letters of recommendation are due electronically by Jan. 11, 2020. You are only required to submit an official transcript only after you are selected to participate in the program.

Non-U.S. Citizen Applicants

Non-U.S. citizens are required to include copies of work authorization documents with the SMART program application. For U.S. permanent residents, submit a copy of the permanent resident card, commonly called a "green card." For international students, submit a copy the work authorization document, such as a valid employment authorization document or an I-20 endorsed with curricular practical training from the sponsoring school. We only accept students attending college in the U.S.

All Non-U.S. citizens must contact the Baylor International Services Office (ISO) and communicate with one of the ISO representatives prior to accepting an offer for a position in the SMART Program at (713) 798-4604 or If you do not contact the International Services Office or you are unable to provide proof of your work authorization, the offer will be withdrawn.

MARC Scholars

We welcome MARC Scholars to the SMART program. Please contact Dr. Laurie Connor at to let her know you have MARC funding and apply!! Don't forget to also provide this information on your SMART Program application.