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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

SMART Activities


Every weekday at noon, the SMART Program hosts seminars presented by diverse group of faculty members.

SMART is the only summer program in the nation to have so many great faculty members give a noon seminar. There are eight general topics around which seminars are organized. Faculty members will share exciting advances in their area of experience. Participants will learn about science from the people who made the discoveries. Seminars are complemented by one to two evening events each week. Exciting speakers talk about their experiences and how biomedical research has changed their lives.

Here is a sample of one of our past Seminar Series schedule.


Career Planning


During your nine-week stay at Baylor College of Medicine, you will have the option to attend multiple career-building events. We organize these events to help you prepare for the next step after you complete your undergraduate education. SMART Program participants learn about career development, various career pathways and disciplines of study through seminars and discussion groups including workshops on applying to graduate school or medical school.

Individual career counseling is offered by Baylor faculty and administrators to assist SMART participants in acquiring the information they need to make decisions about setting and achieving goals. Directors from all of the graduate programs and medical school deans invite participants to talk with them on an individual basis about the application process and their career goals.

  • Grad School Night (featuring over a dozen Ph.D. Programs)
  • Grad School Application Workshops
  • M.D./Ph.D. Program Reception
  • Medical School Application Panels

GRE Preparation


The GRE is required by most graduate schools. Some M.D./Ph.D. programs also require or suggest that you take the GRE general test and subject test. The SMART Program helps you prepares for the GRE General Test by supplying the most recent GRE course material and instruction. Workshops teach SMART participants about the GRE test, and how to prepare for the math, analytical writing, and verbal portions of the exam.

The SMART program was awarded a special grant from the National Science Foundation to develop these GRE Prep workshops in hope of giving its participants a better chance to succeed and to enter their graduate program of choice in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). Our grants include funds that support the SMART GRE Prep workshops, which are being used by campuses across the country.


The SMART Program includes many kinds of fun, enriching activities for participants.

The SMART Program may organize some events to help students interact. Students themselves organize other events such as visits to the zoo, museum, Galveston, and Houston activities like the Fourth of July picnics.


Volunteer at Texas Children's Hospital


The SMART Program has made special arrangements with Texas Children's Hospital to provide volunteer opportunities for SMART participants to volunteer a minimum of six hours a week and perform various duties in the evening or weekends.

The emergency room and in-patient care are just some of the areas of the hospital where SMART participants have been placed. This is a great opportunity to volunteer at one of the most prestigious children's hospital in the nation.

Texas Children's Hospital policy requires a Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test in the current calendar year. You must go to a clinic or your physician to have the test administered. Documentation of a negative TB test or documentation of a positive TB test and a chest X-ray report will need to be provided at the Texas Children's Hospital volunteer orientation.

For additional information and Texas Children's Hospital rules and regulations, visit their volunteer site.