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Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship


Unique Curriculum Features

  • Pediatric Subspecialty Fellows College is an educational opportunity for all pediatric fellows at BCM focusing on clinical and career development as well as quality improvement projects.
  • A boot camp during the first three weeks of fellowship includes intro to intra-articular joint injections/cadaver lab, MSK exam skills, rheum based pharm & intro to common & uncommon DXs via cased based lectures.
  • We have a curriculum based on ABP board content provided by rheumatology faculty and guest lecturers.
  • We provide an immunology curriculum for our fellows to enhance their understanding of disease and drug mechanisms.
  • Elective opportunities include ophthalmology, sports med, MSK radiology, adult scleroderma clinic and a two week observership at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Program.
  • We have monthly radiology rounds with MSK radiology, and twice monthly renal rounds with pathology and nephrology.



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