The Baylor College of Medicine Section of Neonatology offers many educational opportunities to faculty and staff, as well as to the medical community and public at large.

Perinatal Nursing Symposium

Educates nurses in current concepts and issues related to perinatal care. See information about the Perinatal Nursing Symposium.

Neonatal Nutrition Conference

A three-day series of lectures and workshops on neonatal nutrition management for dietitians, pediatricians, neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatal nurses, and others. See information about the Neonatal Nutrition Conference.

Arnold J. Rudolph Memorial Grand Rounds

Presented annually in memory of our late Section Chief, Dr. Arnold J. Rudolph, an internationally renowned expert in neonatology. View the Grand Rounds schedule and information.

Reba Michels Hill Lectureship

Presented every year in memory of the late Dr. Reba Michels Hill, one of the first neonatologists in Houston. See information about the Reba Michels Hill Lectureship.

Baylor's Avoiding Lung Injury (BALI) Conference

A one-day symposium on strategies for minimizing lung injury and improving respiratory outcomes in the NICU will take place Oct. 19, 2018! A great panel of local speakers will address a variety of hot topics spanning care from the delivery room to the NICU and from the bench to bedside! See information about the BALI Conference.