Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Adult Reconstructive Orthopedics Fellowship Research


This program strongly encourages research activity. Each fellow is required to complete a publishable research project during the period of his/her fellowship and to submit a paper for publication to a referred journal. Research projects are available in either laboratory-based (basic science) or clinically-based fields directly related to the field of interest to the resident. All projects are performed under the supervision of the Director of Orthopedic Research and each fellow’s research mentor, both of whom are actively involved with the fellow in all phases of his-her investigational studies. Additional oversight is provided by the committee for fellow research.

The research manuscript must be completed and acceptable for submission to a journal for publication. Fellows are required to prepare and make a formal presentation to the Orthopedic Faculty at the Scientific Program each year. The nationally recognized Institute of Orthopedic Research and Education (IORE) laboratory is available for research projects.