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2014 Pharmacology/Biochemistry Joint Department Retreat in Galveston, Texas

Biology of Inflammation Center (BIC) Immunology Laboratory Journal Club


The BIC/Immunology Laboratory Journal Club is held every Friday from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in Conference Room 517D at One Baylor Plaza. Li-Yuan Yu-Lee, Ph.D., coordinates this journal club. Faculty within the BIC attend, along with graduate students and research and clinical postdoctoral fellows, to present either their respective works-in-progress or journal articles related to their research. A continental breakfast is provided.




Rheumatology Fellowship Didactics, Case Conference and Journal Club

The Rheumatology Conference includes lectures from faculty, case conferences and journal club.  It is held weekly on Mondays from 1-3 p.m. at the McNair Campus.  On the third Monday of each month, the conference is at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Rheumatology faculty, clinical fellows and residents attend this conference to discuss clinical cases that are present across the affiliated institutions as well as recently published articles related to rheumatology and autoimmunity.


Allergy and Immunology


Allergy/Immunology Core Curriculum Conference

The Allergy Core Curriculum Conference is held every Monday at noon. This conference is attended by pediatric and medicine track allergy/immunology faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students. Presentations are given by faculty and fellows from Allergy/Immunology as well as other sections on various topics related to diagnosis and management of allergic and immunologic diseases, covering most topics relevant to ABAI core curricula in allergy and immunology.

Hypersensitivity Course

The Hypersensitivity Course is held every Wednesday at noon. This conference is attended by pediatric and medicine track allergy/immunology faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students. This conference focuses on the identification of aeroallergens and management of specific allergen hypersensitivity, workshops on immunotherapy, journal article reviews on hypersensitivity mechanisms, and occasional field trips.

Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology Research Seminars

This conference is attended by allergy/immunology and rheumatology faculty, fellows, and residents. Fellows and faculty present their ongoing research and scholarly work on the first Wednesday of every month.

Immunodeficiency Rounds

Immunodeficiency Rounds is held on Tuesdays at Texas Children's Hospital. This is an educational and informational forum for all pediatric and medicine track allergy/immunology faculty, fellows, residents, medical students, researchers, educators, social workers, clinical staff, and collaborators. This event includes evidence-based and clinical discussions of allergy/immunology inpatient and outpatient cases, specifically inpatients with primary immunodeficiency, transplant, or HIV.