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Proud Graduates of the Baylor Nephrology Fellowship


Chief fellows are designated by *

  • 2020: M Suleman Ajmal (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Chidinma Ekenna (Chicago, IL; Private), Nishanth Kumar (Louisville, KY; Private), Sayna Norouzi (Loma Linda University, CA; Academics), *Maryam Saeed (Houston, TX; Private), Anita Shah (Houston, TX; Private)
  • 2019: Sehrish Ali (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), *Ahmed Awan (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Mike Holliday (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Prejith Rajendran (Dallas, TX; Private)
  • 2018: Samaya Anumudu (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), *Natasha Dave (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Sheryl Caberto (Emory University; Academics), Hamza Shahran (Wisconsin; Private), Sherry Mitchell (San Antonio; Private)
  • 2017: *Maulin Shah (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Susanne McLaughlin (Richmond, VA; Private), Saed Shawar (Vanderbilt Transplant; Academics), Chandan Vangala (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics); Gyongyi Okechuku (Houston; Private)
  • 2016: *Brian Zwecker (Los Angeles; Private), Mehdi Nouri Kolouri (Los Angeles, Private), Shobana Sivan (Chennai India; Private), Ashvin Baru (Austin, Private), Paul Maraj (Wichita; Private)
  • 2015: Mohammad Abu-Farsakh (Florida; Private), Adil Ali (Houston; Private), *Zahra Deen (Chicago; Private), Jatinder Hothi (Toronto; Private)
  • 2014: Nassif Azzi (Kansas City; Private), Malai Arunachalam (St. Louis; Private), Franco Cabeza-Rivera (Mississippi Transplant; Academics), Roohi Khan (Woodlands; Private), Jane Yan (Baylor College of Medicine), *Jennifer Truong (Dallas; Private)
  • 2013: *Nash'at Imran (Wayne State; Academics), *Jenny Pan (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Jose Perez (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Raza Quereshi (Virginia; Transplant), Elie Jarrouge (Houston; Private)
  • 2012: Medha Airy (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Rachelle Dyquiangco (Hartford; Private), Chalit Wanthakawikran (El Paso; Private)
  • 2011: *Ala Abudayyeh (MD Anderson; Academics), Ojas Naik (Woodlands; Private), Graham Towns (University of Alabama Transplant; Academics), Wiroon Sangsiraprapha (Thailand; Private)
  • 2010: *Adam Frome (Woodlands; Private), Billy Gilbert (Houston; Private), Rajeev Raghavan (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics), Sai Saridey (Baylor College of Medicine; Academics)
  • 2009: *Zhi Mao (Dallas; Private), Shilpa Taneja (UT Medical Branch; Academics), Vik Rajan (Houston; Not Practicing), Mohammad Ahmed (Houston; Private), Namrata Goel (Houston; Private)
  • 2008: Anna Kagan (Houston; Private), *Peter Nguyen (Houston; Private), Lekha George (Nashville; Private), Anand Saranathan (Houston; Private), Yanlin Wang (University of Connecticut; Academics)