Department of Medicine

Department of Medicine Research Faculty Recognition


We are pleased to share the following accolades for our outstanding faculty researchers.

American Society for Clinical Investigation 

The American Society for Clinical Investigation is an honorary member society of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology and Research!America. Members are nominated based on an outstanding record of scholarly achievement in biomedical research and include physician-scientists who are active clinically, in basic research or in teaching. Many senior members are widely recognized leaders in academic medicine. View faculty who are members of the ASCI.

Association of American Physicians 

The Association of American Physicians is a nonprofit, professional organization founded in 1885 by seven physicians for “the advancement of scientific and practical medicine.” The goals of its members include the pursuit of medical knowledge and the advancement through experimentation and discovery of basic and clinical science and their application to clinical medicine. Each year, individuals having attained excellence in achieving these goals are recognized by nomination for membership by the Council of the Association. View faculty who are members of the AAP.

Highly Cited Researchers

Highly Cited Researchers are among those who have demonstrated significant and broad influence reflected in their publication of multiple papers, highly cited by their peers over the course of the last decade. These highly cited papers rank in the top 1 percent by citations for a chosen field or fields and year in Web of Science. View Department of Medicine faculty who are recognized as highly cited researchers.

National Academy of Medicine

The National Academy of Medicine, formerly called the Institute of Medicine, was established in 1970 as the health branch of the National Academy of Sciences. It has become recognized as a national resource for independent, scientifically informed analysis and recommendations on health issues. The organization is unique in its structure as both an honorific membership organization and an advisory organization. For those at the top of their field, membership reflects the height of professional achievement and commitment to service. View faculty who are members of the NAM.