Department of Medicine

Section Grand Rounds


Section Grand Rounds 2020




Feb. 27 GI: Body Composition Assessment in Cirrhosis. It is What Is On The Inside That Counts! Aldo J. Montano-Loza, M.D., MSc, Ph.D., FAASLD, FACG
Feb. 20 GI: Case Presentations Emily Mao, M.D.; Srikar Mapakshi, M.D.
Feb. 13 GI: Case Presentations Shashank Sarvepalli, M.D.; Hyunseok Kim, M.D.
Feb. 6 GI: Case Presentations Kati Choi, M.D.; Juan Gomez Cifuentes, M.D.

Jan. 30

GI: Case Presentations

Mary Barbara, M.D.; Syed Tasleem, M.D.

Jan. 23

GI: Current Landscape of Chronic Liver Disease in the United States

George Cholankeril, M.D.

Jan. 16

GIReducing the Burden of and Optimizing Outcomes for Alcohol-associated Liver Disease (ALD)

Nicole Shen, M.D., MSc

Jan. 16

Endocrinology: The Impact of Correcting Glutathione Deficiency in Aging: Mitochondria, Oxidative Stress, and Beyond

Dr. Rajagopal Sekhar

Jan. 9

GI: An update on Molecular Markers for the Diagnosis and Management of Pancreatic Cysts

Mohammad Al-Haddad, M.D., MSc, FASGE, FACG, AGAF

Section Grand Rounds 2019




Dec. 21

GI: Demystifying the Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jordan Shapiro, M.D.

Dec. 19

GI: Making Better Decisions with Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning to Guide Risk Stratification in Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Dennis Shung, M.D.

Dec. 12

Endocrinology: Endocrine Surgical Disease and Precision-Guided Medicine: State of the Art

Dr. James Suliburk

Dec. 5

Endocrinology: Mechanisms of Resistance to Kinase Inhibitors in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Dr. Marie-Claude Hofmann

Dec. 5

GI: Transforming Professionalism Using the Principles of Relation Coordination

Jody Hoffer Gittell, PhD

Dec. 5

HSR: Loss of Immune Control of Cancer in Immunosuppressed Populations

Eric A. Engels, MD, MPH

Dec. 4

HSR: Low Value Preoperative Testing for Low Risk Surgeries

Alex Sox-Harris, PhD, MS

Nov. 25

Research in Progress: Mixed Methods Approach to Reducing Liver Allograft Discard

Abbas Rana, MD, FACS

Nov. 14

GI: Diagnosing and Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS-D)

Lucinda A. Harris, M.D., MS

Nov. 7

GI: The Sulfur Microbial Diet, Sulfur-Metabolizing Bacterial Communities, and Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Long Nguyen, M.D.

Oct. 31

GI: The Impact of Delays in the Diagnosis and the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Frank Scott, M.D., MSCE

Oct. 28

Research in Progress: D-VETIC Post-deployment Q U E R I Implementation Center Proposal

Drew Helmer, MD, MS

Oct. 24

GI: Case Presentations

Zunirah Ahmed, M.D.; Rajarajeshwari Ramachandran, M.D.

Oct. 17

GI: Case Presentations

Joe Kill, M.D.; Jordan Sparkman, M.D.

Oct. 10

GI: Case Presentations

Jessica Bernica, MD; Valentine Millien, MD

Oct. 3

GI: Life After Liver Transplantation: Coping with Challenges, Medication Adherence, and the Future of Smartphone Technology in Improving Post-Transplant Care

Sarah Lieber, M.D., MSCR

June 13

GI: Case Presentations

Drs. Umar Darr and Ayah Oglat

May 30

GI: Diagnosis and Management of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Dr. Jessica Mellinger

May 9

GI: Case Presentations

Drs. Vinshi Khan and Tariq Hammad

May 2

Endocrinology: Update on the systemic treatments for medullary thyroid carcinoma

Dr. Mimi Hu

April 25

GI: Role of Gastric Motor Functions in Obesity and Dyspepsia

Dr. Houssam Halawi

April 18

GI: Case Presentations

Drs. Ayah Oglat, Tanuj Sharma

April 11

Endocrinology: Complexities in the diagnosis and treatment of androgen deficiency syndromes in men

Dr. Shalender Bhasin

April 4

GI: Rectal cancer: Do we really need a National Accreditation Program?

Dr. Atif Iqbal

March 28

GI: Functional biomarkers of chronic pancreatitis in pancreas fluid

Dr. Darwin Conwell

March 27

Transition Medicine: Feeding tubes: Pearls and pitfalls

Dr. Johanna Chan

March 20

Internal Medicine: Updates in the care of patients with HIV

Dr. Thomas Giordano

March 6

Internal Medicine: Evidence-based update in prostate cancer: Screening, prevention, and treatment

Dr. Steve Canfield

Feb. 28

Endocrinology: Pancreatic islet biology, function, and dysfunction: surprises and lessons for diabetes

Dr. Alvin Power

Feb. 28

GI: What's 'App-ening': Use of telehealth in cirrhosis management and liver transplantation

Dr. Binu John

Feb. 21

GI: Case presentations

Drs. Jordan Shapiro, Hyunseok Kim

Feb. 21

Endocrinology: To reprogress the development of type 1 diabetes by targeting an insulin-containing antigen

Dr. Li Zhang

Feb. 14

GI: GI wellness: work-life balance panel

Drs. Milena Gould Suarez, Richa Shukla, Natalia Khalaf

Feb. 13

Renal: Managing transplant recipients in the era of immunotherapy for cancer

Dr. Shreedhar Mandayam

Feb. 7

Endocrinology: Immune checkpoint inhibitor related hypophysitis

Dr. Ha Nguyen

Jan. 31

Endocrinology: Addressing diabetes management in a safety-net health system: The Parkland experience

Dr. Luigi Menaghini

Jan. 31

GI: Case Presentations

Drs. Sunina Mathoo, Syed Tasleem

Jan 30

Renal: Hypertensive renal injury: A defect of self-tolerance leading to antibody-mediated autoimmunity

Dr. Peter Doris

Jan. 24

Endocrinology: Thymic development of a self-tolerant T-cell repertroire

Dr. Matthew Bettini

Jan. 24

GI: Optimizing cardiac care in liver transplant recipients

Dr. Smarth Patel

Jan. 23

Renal: Rental toxicity of immunotherapies

Dr. Ala Abudayyeh

Jan. 17

Endocrinology: Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency

Dr. March Marcelli

Jan. 17

GI: Hepatocellular carcinoma from epidemiology to prevention

Dr. Hashem El-Serag

Jan. 10

Endocrinology: Evolution of precision oncology in thyroid cancer

Dr. Steven Sherman

Jan. 10

GI: NAFLD: Non-invasive assessment of fibrosis

Dr. Askshay Shetty

Jan. 9

Renal: The truth about water and salt

Dr. Hassan Ibrahim

Jan. 3

GI: Management of Crohn's Disease after surgical resection

Dr. Saurabh Kapur

Jan. 2

Renal: Kidney Biopsy Conference

Dr. Lillian Gaber

Section Grand Rounds 2018

Dec. 20

GI Grand Rounds: Alcohol-related cirrhosis (and what it says about contemporary hepatology practice)

Dr. Elliot Tapper

Dec. 19

Renal Grand Rounds: Cultural determinants of disease management and qualify of life for vulnerable kidney patients

Dr. Devika Nair

Dec. 13

CPC Conference

Dr. Courtney Miller-Chism

Dec. 13

GI Grand Rounds: Adenocarcinoma of the stomach and other gastric tumors

Dr. Maria Jarbrink-Seghal

Dec. 12

Renal Grand Rounds: Sodium/potassium interaction in the kidney, blood vessels, brain and beyond

Dr. Horacio Adrogue

Dec. 6

Hospital Medicine Literature Review 2018

Drs. Stephanie Sherman and Zaven Sargsyan

Dec. 6

Eliminating hepatitis C: We have the tools, do we have the will?

Dr. Norman Sussmann

Dec. 5

Renal Grand Rounds: Kidney Biopsy Conference

Dr. William Glass II

Nov. 29

Burnout and depression in medical professionals

Dr. Chad Lemaire

Nov. 15

An overview of pulmonary vascular complications of liver disease

Dr. Hilary DuBrock

Nov. 14

Dialysis for people who are homeless

Dr. Tessa Novick

Nov. 7

Why study phosphorus? Mineral metabolism in context

Dr. Eleanor Lederer