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Department of Family and Community Medicine

Primary Care Postdoctoral Fellowship


About Us


Faculty in the Department of Family and Community Medicine under Program Director, Roger Zoorob, M.D., MPH, FAAFP, received funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration to implement and manage a restructured T32 Primary Care Research Fellowship grant. The training grant is a five-year award of $1.6 million.

The fellowship, open to M.D.s, Ph.D.s, and other doctoral degree holders, aims to implement a multifaceted training program that comprehensively prepares health care professionals for a career in primary care research. This fellowship features a core curriculum based on faculty development modules in comparative effectiveness research, big data analytics, and cost-effectiveness analysis, and the program offers a diverse array of primary care research opportunities from an existing interinstitutional collaborative housed within the medical center. Additionally, all fellows will have the opportunity to establish their own tailored, interprofessional mentoring team and an individualized plan of measurable objectives. Each mentoring team will be constructed to function as a “mentoring mosaic” and will consist of at least a peer mentor, a career mentor, and the mentoring chair.

Over the coming years, the Department of Family and Community Medicine looks forward to working with a diverse group of fellows that will be trained to be future leaders in primary care research and advocates for health equity.




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Applications Now Open!


Applications are open for the T-32 Primary Care Research Fellowship. The fellowship is open to M.D., Ph.D. and other doctoral degree holders who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The program implements a multifaceted training program that comprehensively prepares healthcare professionals for a career in primary care research.

If you or someone you know would like more information, contact Dr. Roger Zoorob.

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