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Cheryl Walker, Ph.D.

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The Walker Laboratory is focused on how chemicals in the environment cause cancer including the studies of gene-environment interactions, tumor suppressor genes and their impact on the cell’s cytoskeleton.

Richard Finnell, Ph.D.

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The Finnell Lab is focused on the neural and cardiovascular developmental defects, and complex human birth defects.

H. Courtney Hodges

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The Hodges lab focuses on altered epigenetic function in cancer and other diseases using interdisciplinary approaches and new technologies.

Daniel A Gorelick, Ph.D.

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Using genetic tools in zebrafish, the Gorelick Lab studies how endogenous and environmental hormones influence the development and function of the heart, brain, gonad and other tissues.

Rachel N. Arey, Ph.D.

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Using the short-lived model organism C. elegans our research focuses on the molecular underpinnings of complex behavior, primarily learning and memory, and the mechanisms underlying age-related cognitive decline.

Margot Williams, Ph.D.

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The Williams lab seeks to identify mechanisms underlying coordination of vertebrate development using genetic, live imaging, and synthetic embryology approaches in zebrafish. By leveraging the strengths of our embryonic and naive explant model systems, the lab aims to define an essential complement of molecules required to shape the emerging body plan.

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