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DNA Sequencing Core


The DNA Sequencing Core performs Sanger DNA sequencing on a 3730 DNA Analyzer of Applied Biosystems. This core is a continuum of the previous BCM sequencing core which has served the Texas Medical Center research community for more than 22 years with outstanding reputations.

Our Services

  • Long and accurate single read: The 3730 generates reliable sequence up to 900 nucleotides per read.
  • Short turn-around time: less than 24 hours
  • Fragment analysis, including microsatellites, AFLP, SNaPshot and other fragment applications.
  • Immediate consultative services
  • Provides the common universal primers.

Service Request Sheet


You can find the appropriate worksheet for service requests in the excel file. All users should complete the first sheet. Also complete the second worksheet if there are less than 48 reactions/samples or complete the third worksheet if there are more than 48 samples/reactions.

Download the Services Request Sheet.

View our Submission Process Instructions.




Please contact us for price information.

Baylor user: Please provide account number on the Service request sheet. The core bills monthly.

Non-Baylor user: Please make checks payable to Baylor College of Medicine, DNA Sequencing Core And mail to DNA Sequencing Core, BCM229 6501 Fannin Street, Neurosensory Building NB428, Houston, Texas 77030-3411.


Core Director

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