Molecular and Human Genetics

2010 Recipient

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Winners of the 2010 Michael E. DeBakey, M.D., Excellence in Research Awards. From left: George Noon M.D. , Gad Shaulsky Ph.D., Margaret Goodell Ph.D., Jue D. Wang Ph.D., Helen Heslop MD representing Malcolm Brenner M.D. Ph.D., Adam Kuspa Ph.D., and Paul

Dr. Wang's work focuses in part on the ways in which two cellular processes the replication and transcription of DNA can interfere with one another and how that conflict is resolved. Replication is the process by which a strand of DNA is copied during cell proliferation (growth and division) and transcription is the process by which the message in the DNA is translated into messenger RNA and ultimately the proteins that are workhorses of the cell. The key to this is DksA, which can alleviate the conflicts between the two processes.

Dr. Wang's nomination was based on the following publications: 

Tehranchi, A.K., Blankschien, M.D., Zhang, Y., Halliday, J., Srivatsan, A., Peng, J., Herman, C., Wang, J.D. (2010) "The transcription factor DksA prevents conflicts between DNA replication and transcription machinery". Cell, 141(4):595-605. 

Srivatsan, A., Tehranchi, A.K., MacAlpine, D.M., Wang, J.D. (2010) "Co-orientation of replication and transcription preserves genome integrity". PLoS Genetics, 6(1):e1000810. 

Srivatsan, A.**, Han, Y.**, Peng, J., Tehranchi, A.K., Gibbs, R., Wang, J.D.*, Chen, R*. (2008) "High precision whole-genome sequencing of laboratory strains facilitates genetic studies", PLoS Genetics, 4(8): e1000139. (* corresponding authors, ** equal contribution)