1994 Recipient

debakeyawards-graham-david (320x240)
David Y. Graham, M.D.

Helicobacter pylori: the cause of peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer

Dr. Graham was honored for devising an effective therapeutic treatment for peptic ulcers. His research has shown that the majority of peptic ulcers are the result of an infection by the Gram-negative bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. Dr. Graham designed a treatment method combining anti-secretory and antimicrobial therapies which resulted in accelerated ulcer healing compared to traditional anti-secretory therapy alone. His studies yielded a dramatic reduction in ulcer relapse rate after eradication of H. pylori.

Dr. Graham’s nomination was based on the following publications:

Graham DY, Lew GM, Klein PD, Evans DG, Evans DJ Jr, Saeed ZA, Malaty HM. Effect of treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection on the long-term recurrence of gastric or duodenal ulcer. A randomized, controlled study. Ann Intern Med. 1992 May 1;116(9):705-8.

Malaty HM, Engstrand L, Pedersen NL, Graham DY. Helicobacter pylori infection: genetic and environmental influences. A study of twins. Ann Intern Med. 1994 Jun 15;120(12):982-6.