Lab Mission Statement

Our lab's mission is to create knowledge about and advance our understanding of autism through research that brings value to families.

Why should I participate in autism research?

At Baylor and Texas Children’s, research is an important part of clinical care and an essential part of our overall mission. Here are six reasons why you should consider joining a research study.

  1. Discover opportunities that could lead to additional benefits, such as access to services, educational programming, or community resources.
  2. Gain access to information that may inform your child’s medical care or therapies.
  3. Feel good about contributing to science in ways that will make the experience of autism easier for those following in your footsteps.
  4. Help researchers explore ways to detect autism earlier so that helpful interventions can be started sooner.
  5. Support studies that could help to promote better outcomes for individuals with autism of all ages.
  6. Contribute to the discovery of currently unknown causes of autism.

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Stay Informed by Joining Research PALs

The best way to stay up-to-date about current and future autism research studies in our lab is to join the Research Participation Awareness List (PALs).