Members: Hui Zheng Lab

Hui Zheng, Ph.D.



  • (713) 798-5804

Nadia Aithmitti

Research Asst II

As research assistant, I perform genotyping for all research personnel of the lab, and carry out tissue sectioning to support the ongoing projects.…

Wei Cao, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


  • (713) 798-8523

Neuroinflammation; Interferon Response; Protein Misfolding; Neurodegeneration; Immunotherapy

Fading Chen

Postdoctoral Associate

Gabriel Chiu

Postdoctoral Associate

Michele Comerota

Postdoctoral Associate

Bianca T Contreras

Shuqi Du

Research Assistant (GS)

Manasee Gedam

E-Mail Access

Anamitra Ghosh

Research Associate

Nicholas E. Propson

Research Assistant (GS)

Ethan Roy

Graduate Student- 5th Year

Baiping Wang


I study the role of APP in the generation, migration, and morphological differentiation of GABAergic interneurons, under the hypothesis that APP guides the migration of interneurons by regulating Slit-Robo signalling, having discovered novel roles for APP

Shuo Wang

Postdoctoral Associate

Yin Xu

Postdoctoral Associate

My current project is to investigate Tcfeb and Atg7 conditional knockout to see the function of autophagy and the lysosome degradation pathway in pathogenic tau degradation and disease progress of tauopathy