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  • Michele M. Comerota; Manasee Gedam; Wen Xiong; Feng Jin; Lisheng Deng; Meng C. Wang; Jin Wang; Hui Zheng. Oleoylethanolamide facilitates PPARα and TFEB signaling and attenuates Aβ pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, has been accepted in Molecular Neurodegeneration. Congratulations to Michele and all the co-authors.
  • Thanks to a great team effort, our paper titled "TFEB-vacuolar ATPase signaling regulates lysosomal function and microglia activation in tauopathy" has been accepted by Nature Neuroscience! Author list: Baiping Wang, B., Heidi Martini-Stoica, Chuangye Qi, Tzu-Chiao Lu, Shuo Wang, Wen Xiong, Yanan Qi, Yin Xu, Marco Sardiello, Hongjie Li and Hui Zheng.
  • Congratulations to Tzu-Hsuan Huang who has been accepted to the DDMT graduate program at Baylor College of Medicine!
  • Lin-Ya Hu, a first-year graduate student in the DDMT program will be joining the lab. Welcome Lin-Ya!
  • Congratulations to Manasee Gedam whose paper entitled “Complement C3aR depletion reverses HIF-1α induced metabolic impairment and improves microglial phagocytic and barrier function in response to Aβ pathology” has been accepted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Other co-authors include Michele Comerota, Nicholas Propson, Tao Chen, Feng Jin and Meng Wang. Way to go Manasee!